Afraid of advertising myself. I'd laugh if it wasn't so bad.

Postby Rinat » Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:15 pm


A language school offered me to pay them for the use of their classroom and teach my own students there. It's a very good offer if I manage to find students for group lessons.
But I never liked advertising myself and recently it's like some sort of phobia or social anxiety. I'm not a psychologist and these terms are confusing for me. Also, it would be funny if I didn't have to pay a debt. And I have a daughter too. Besides having to buy her food and clothes, I don't want her to think her dad is a good-for-nothing sloth.
I have some good recommendation from students and recently I was told during a skype lesson that I am a talented teacher. But advertising is indeed a problem. I don't know why. Am I afraid of having talking to strangers on the phone? It's kind of stressful, but not really bad. Comparing myself to other teachers? They always charge less or have better qualifications or more photogenic... arrgh.

You know, this is silly, but I will report here after I get the job done today.
And maybe you will give me some good advice for the future.
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Postby cynthialeighton » Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:21 pm

It takes effort over time to gain any skill. Getting the word out for your group lessons is a skill. Ask for help from the language school! Who knows, maybe you can learn this skill from the people there with their guidance and introductions along the way.
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Postby popcorn123 » Tue Jun 06, 2017 5:30 pm

Hi Rinat,

How is the advertising and teaching going? I just wanted to suggest a couple of things. First of all, when you say that you are worried that others have better qualifications or have cheaper lessons, that shouldn't put you off advertising your language school. You have said that your current students would recommend you, which already speaks volumes about the quality of your teaching. And that actually could be very useful to you. Sometimes the best way to get word out about yourself is by word of mouth. People get far with that, when their students tell their friends and so on.

Also, about not being photogenic. Why do you need to have an image of yourself on your advertisements? Many professional posters and sites don't have pictures of the people, just an eye-catching poster maybe with the necessary information. I would suggest maybe starting with advertising on casual websites, maybe Gumtree or something like that? And perhaps making a Facebook page, or Instagram or Twitter. One of those. Social media accounts seem to have become necessary for any business nowadays, and can easily be made and maintained.

I hope the teaching is going well!
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