Service that provide VR session with psycologist

Postby sveet81 » Thu Feb 02, 2017 11:03 pm

Hi, my name is Oleksii and i'm newbie on this forum and i need your help. Now I develop mobile service that helps users to find psycologists and to take remote session with him. To do this session patient have to have phone, headsets with speaker and VR cardboard or similar. Psycologist can choose VR video for session and background music
if its need. It helps both to make sessions in any comfortable time and on different places. Also patient can connect to psycologist in that time when something happen with him, or when he need a help. Phycologist can work with patients from all over the world!
VR video can help to dive in experiences, psycologist can change it depending on mood of patient.
My question is, does this service will be interesting for you as psycologist. If yes, can you give me some recomendations, to improve it. If not, why? Thanks a lot.
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