Dealing with Depression in a Stressful Environment

Postby onigirixdango » Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:09 am

I am someone has suffered through depression but not clinical depression. I relatively a lot better now compared to the time I was suffering a lot from it. However, I know that I have not fully healed from it yet. When there are times that I feel alone, my mind entertains those thoughts that made me feel depressed. Furthermore, I live in a very stressful environment. The work of my parents is demanding so I know I have to learn how to take care and clean up after myself. Also, I cannot depend on myolder sister because she has a very hectic schedule and does not really know how to take care of other people. My school life is also takes a lot of effort because my course is Accountancy and I'm trying to meet deadlines and have a grade higher than the quota. Is there any tips or advice how to deal with the depression from coming back due to all the stress?
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Postby Shahronak » Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:13 am

Can Depression Be Cured without Medication? This is a question that many people ask me. They search the web, talk to their doctors, and seek alternative treatments, hoping that they can recover “on their own.” But for severe or persistent depression, both therapy and medication may be needed for a complete recovery. From getting more sleep to taking up a hobby, making these simple changes in your life can help boost your mood and prevent depression.
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