Panic Attacks and Why older people are afraid of death

Postby Arkady » Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:12 pm

Listen to what I tell you. You had a panic attack. Yes, it's terrible. Every time we are waiting for the attack, as something terrible, and it come again and we are again badly. The conclusion is that a panic attack is a nightmare, it's the most horrible thing in life. Now listen. Panic attacks are always come to you and me. They will always be repeated. We need to learn, how we must be all our life with panic attacks. So it was no big deal, you have to imagine that panic comes to you and it will not hurt you, but to give you a service.
This condition is a demon or devil, who lives in you and plays with you, with your psyche.
Remember, we will always overcome these panic attacks, and they will be overcome.
Because they are always and we always feel relieved afterwards. So do not be afraid any more that they will come again. Let them come, we have to worry for a while and then calm down. It's a game. Imagine that you are in a theater, to play the role of a madman. This game, where you're kidding yourself crazy man. So do not be afraid. Nothing will happen to you. It's all a game! Playing in a short time!
Do not be shy, if someone finds out about your problems. You can advance to inform , maybe happen panic attack with me, or may not happen. I do not know yet. If they are decent people, they will understand. And if they are not decent people, then they went to hell. Sorry for the curse.
At other times, when you are calm, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS ENJOY LIFE!
If something hurts, of course it is difficult to enjoy, or if you happen to trouble, and you're annoyed. We need to find a quiet place and if you have the opportunity to lie down in silence.
At this point, imagine that The God is in your soul. AND GOD WILL SAVE YOU.
Nothing bad will happen, you must be a little indifferent to everything, because you can get sick again of panic attack.
This is not to say that you are selfish or callous person you are. No.
You have to prevent your emotions to themselves, to deal with your illness. After all, no one except you will not help you. The whole struggle in you. And for good and against evil.
I suffer from panic attacks with childhood.
I am already 56 years old and I thought maybe my vision and knowledge can help other people.
Older people are afraid of death, but other older people not to be afraid.
I think that those who are not afraid of death - they maybe all life lived in fear and when the time came to die,
at this moment, they have become very brave.
Maybe this is the meaning of life - Do not be afraid to death. I think , I'll live for a long time , but every time when I meet a panic attack. I think that at the end of my life I will not be afraid, because the game is over, unfortunately.
Maybe I'm wrong?
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Postby Jamie514 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:19 am

Nope, you are right, but older people are afraid of their death, it's normal. You know no one want to die. Everybody want to live for long time. That's why they are afraid.
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Postby jamesstewartpa » Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:12 am

I agree with you. The fear of death is justifiable but very ridiculous too. Why? Because live is wish of human but no one can stand out it :D. Mindfulness is necessarry to observe our metal state :wink:
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