Quitting weed after 13 years.


Postby Thracian » Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:56 am

Today is a full month of being clean. My symptoms have improved. Deep sleep is still an issue. I stopped taking 5htp and i seem to sleep better.It only helped in the beginning but I noticed on the nights I take it I cant sleep the whole night.

My mood swings have improved.My lash of anger is almost gone.I seem to be more calm on the road. Im nicer to strangers. I have no cravings for weed. The only problem Im facing right now is loss of concentration and heavy brain fog.Sometimes it feels like Im not even the person I am and im watching the world through my eyes. I must remain strong.Im getting my hormones checked.I will report back later.Stay strong everyone.
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Postby bluey105 » Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:51 am

Have you been working out?
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Postby Thracian » Fri Feb 09, 2018 4:50 am

Hi guys I'm back. I relapsed 6 weeks after that post and I was back in the same cycle again,but this time even worse. I was smoking more than ever. Im now attempting to quit once again. I'm on day 5 and so far this has been easier than the last time. I will fill you all in with a better post later.
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Postby Freedomhfx » Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:14 pm

You CAN do this!! The relapse is already behind you! We are perfectly flawed creatures and mistakes are merely tools to learn, not tools to punish ourselves. No one will ever beat us up more than we do to ourselves. Today is a new day. Be gentle with yourself and continue the good fight. Sending you light and love.
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