I'm not sure if I have a mental disorder

Postby Ninavergara2 » Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:40 pm

Ever since I was little I would catch myself having made-up conversations with sometimes multiple people pertaining to an event that was about to happen. Sometimes I would say the words out loud and sometimes I would mouth them. Sometimes, I can't Catch myself starting to do this so I come back to myself wondering if it was necessary normal to do so. I'm in college now and unconsciously start lookin in the mirror and mouthing out the words that I spoke in the theoretical conversation I was having and using facial expressions as to whatever I made up the other person saying and continuing this conversation in that manner. This would usually start when I'm thinking about a particular confrontation which leads me to act out that confrontation. I am wondering if this is normal.
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Thu Mar 09, 2017 6:06 pm

Yes, it is normal. People talk to themselves, including in mirrors.
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Postby hippyhippy » Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:38 pm

Hi, I think you are very normal! I talk to myself all the time. I have conversations in my head and sometimes I catch myself saying things out loud. Sometimes when I am alone I deliberately speak out loud. If I haven't had any alone time for a while, I begin to get antsy and find I need that space to talk! I don't think it is indicative of a mental disorder, it is just a way I have found of processing stuff. My child does it too.
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Postby blown bulb » Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:21 am

Hi Nina vergara
Your name is very musical, sounds like the name of some exotic flower.

I think the only thing bad about talking to our selves is if we get unhappier from doing it.

From my researches all great people have talked to them selves, in a funny way, all great minds walk in the woods to have a talk with them selves, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson was very famious for this.

I think it shows faith in your self as your own therapist, something we all must become slowly with patience and education
Gosh Nina, if you cant trust your self who can you trust.

I often pre peruse a conversation I will have with someone, in important cases I make a written list of what must get covered in that conversation, often.

I live in a country with com modified $$$ medicine$$$, Since my doc wants to move as many folks in and out as fast as possible, I always type Her a letter to read, never see her with out a typed letter, then she must listen, then she asks questions, then she always thanks me for typing it all up, its hard to think in a doctors office.

When we have a heavy conversation to cover with someone, much that we need covered can get lost in the moment, So I make a list, if someone laughs at you for doing so, question their sincerity to you, if its a quick, precise short list,
they should thank you if they care about you, if, if...you never never ramble.

I yell at god a lot too,"" "look god, I am thankful for being made and everything, but i did not ask for the experience of being alive, so please get butt in gear and help me through this thing please, more dreams that reveal and heal,"" Etc.

you can exchange the word god for "Universe" if it suites your beliefs.

One study I saw said talking to your self relieves huge amounts of stress, it is also a sign of creative touchy feely folks, congrats.

It is not a mental disorder to want to manage your heart, if it gets good work done and it is not obsessive, its self respect.

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