Quitting Smoking Weed When Everyone Around You Smokes

Postby SomeTypeOfGuy » Thu Mar 30, 2017 5:59 pm

Yo man, Hows it going today ?
So I've been smoking weed rather heavily almost everyday for about for about 5 or 6 years since I was like 12 and I've come to the feeling that I would like to quit.
So the people around me are all pro-cannabis and all smoke it, my family members at home and all my friends smoke weed
I guess you could say it's like our world revolves around it, I DEPEND on it and it seems others around me do as well.
I've grown sick of feeling like I need a blast to feel at ease or something like that,
Lately my tolerance levels have been high as fck it feels and I can smoke weed like snoop until I feel as high as I need to or want. But quitting it seems like the ultimate goal for me because I'd like to pursue a career in mining or with the Canadian am red forces, possibly university.
Having a clear mind and lungs along with a career in the future is very important to me and I feel I can't really manage my own self determination while stuck in the clouded mindset cannabis puts me in.
Weed is always in arms reach for me and it's always easy to find, I have to take back my drive to do things and improve my life, I chose to smoke weed all day and do nothing but that and it cost me 5 years of my time I could've used for education to further myself up in this peice.
Any tips ? And thanks for reading this yo.
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Postby DaWickerMan777 » Thu Mar 30, 2017 7:21 pm

Hey SomeTypeOfGuy-

I'm a fellow Canadian myself. Weed is so easily accessibly here. I was once in the military ages ago, before I got involved with weed. Years later marijuana was my love. I f*****g loved weed. Movies, music, time with friends, life, it was such a blast at the beginning. As time wore on, my life and wallet revolved around it. Sure, I was a functional stoner- but enough was enough. I had zero motivation, experienced more panic attacks and paranoia than one should in a lifetime, took way too many risks driving around stoned out of my mind, was a habitual liar to those closest to me about my habit, among many many many other issues- as I said, enough was enough. My tolerance was through the roof. The low point was when I would just lay on my bed, high (but not that classic wow this is amazing high)... just laying there... doing literally nothing but stewing in my own thoughts, for a week straight.

I totally get your mindset. Before you're to pursue your ambitions, you need to get clean and change your mindset. Quitting weed sucks. You'll feel irritable and probably lose lots of sleep. Set time aside for that and prepare. I'm only 2 months in and thought I was losing my mind. This forum is a lifesaver, read some of the posts from those who have quit for a lengthy period of time (look up users like biggiesize, extremely inspiring). Those are motivation to me.

My friends all smoke around me, heck I even attended a weed lounge in my city, and didn't touch any of it once. This is the ultimate test for your willpower. You'll have to dig deep. Believe me, I'd love to get stoned, but I will not set myself back.

Keep us up to date on your progress, and best of luck my friend.
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Thu Mar 30, 2017 7:34 pm

SomeTypeOfGuy wrote:Any tips ?

The answer is not easy.

It isn't easy for a person working in a donut shop to not gain a little weight or the person working in a bar not to drink a few beers.

If you follow the work of Philip Zimbardo, his research is pretty definitive on the heavy influence environment can have. He conducted the Stanford Prison Experiment, transforming "normal" young men into sadistic prison guards in a matter of days. Zimbardo also testified as an expert witness at the trials of soldiers being court martialed for their treatment of prisoners/terrorists at Guantanamo Bay.

Zimbardo's take, the soldiers are responsible for what they did, but the situation or environment in which they found themselves is a mitigating factor. People must understand how heavy of an influence the situation/environment can weigh on a person. We are social creatures, we respond to social pressures and norms.

You are in your own kind of prison. You are in a tough situation. Posting it sounds like you recognize that regardless of how tough, ultimately you are responsible for your actions, same as Zimbardo's guards or the soldiers.

The big tip or takeaway from all of this research? To the best extent you possibly can, modify your environment. Extract yourself from the situation. Change your situation.

You want to go to University? Apply and then make the excuse you need to go live in the dorm. Move away from family. Look for any opportunity to get out of that environment. Take a 6 month "walk about" to learn about the world if you can.

If you simply can't get out of your prison, due to current finances, then your first step is save some money. This might mean taking two part time jobs allowing you to spend tons of time out and away from the situation.

Now, if you don't have the willpower or desire to change your situation, if you don't want to live away from family, then you really are not ready to leave prison.
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Postby RichardB6 » Fri Apr 26, 2019 12:48 pm

It's really weird. we have to stop because of our family and most importantly for ourselves in order to live a long and healthier life. so instead of gazing weed smokers, who are smoking in front of me. I also get my vape out of my pocket which i bought from Ecig city coupons and start vaping :P :P :P

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