Tips For The overcome depression and anxiety?

Postby valleyanger » Wed Apr 12, 2017 1:02 pm

Firstly you have to find out the reason behind of your depression and anxiety may be the most of the time stress is the main cause of anxiety, anger and depression. Just stop thinking too much about any issues if it get easily handle its good when it made issues and problems just leave that problem as it is and let the issue go as their flow. Increasing of stress in your life it leads to create mental health and mental disorder type’s of issue’s.

Here are some things that leads you calm and anxiety free life:-

Meditation for stress
Start meditation it can immensely ease anxiety, research suggests that daily meditation may alter the brain’s neural pathways, making one more resilient to stress.The best part is that anyone can practice mediation, anywhere and at any time, and it does not even require any expensive equipment. So, remember start meditation for stress.

2. Learn To Chill

You need to know about different ways to chill, to be peaceful, and to sooth your mind and brain. This way, you can be calm, and also manage the baby well without getting angry or irritated.

3. Be Mindful,Think Your Way Out

Understanding the cause of depression and thinking your way out are of utmost importance. Meditation and skilled breathing has had a positive outcome when it comes to fighting this crippling mind disease. However, it is important to understand that mindfulness does change our thoughts and feelings but our relationship with the same. Regulating and tolerating emotions also help control anger that may trigger depression.
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Postby MarshaMoreno » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:53 am

Nice tips Valley. It can help anyone to come over depression.
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Postby hannah » Fri Jul 07, 2017 9:27 am

Those are better ways to overcome anxiety and it helps a lot. Because of anxiety there are nights that I can't hardly breathe. I don't know what's happening to me. I had a friend in Netherlands and been using this item called D'oxyva. He also was suffering from shortness of breath while sleeping but now he can sleep well because of this item. It is because the blood could not circulate the way it is. Anybody who knows their store or where I can buy this item or their store here? I badly need this as soon as possible. Thanks.
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Postby GodIsWithYou » Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:13 pm

Hey, I experienced the same thing with reoccurring panic attacks within a day or a week. Weaning off Klonopin as side effects may be much worse. I felt my health was declining very fast but blamed other circumstances. I was so desperate. Until I started focusing on my health. I started praying and thinking more positively, believing God is with me with all my heart, soul and mind. Not always easy but it's worth it. Started juicing. Beets, grapefruit, orange, carrots, celery, cucumber, apples, bananas, seeds, tumeric, molasses (good source of magnesium, iron and zinc. Lots of water and tea: passionflower (for panic attacks), skullcap, chamomile, tulsi (holy bail), Hawthorne. What helped the most was getting off GLUTEN. Had a "relapse" on that, and boy was it bad. Ask yourself what was the last thing you ate before the attack? Rice, bread, pasta, potato (although potato juice is good for my gastritis). Oats, fish, avocado, veggies, 3 oz of meat per meal, probiotic drink after prebiotic drink in the morning-- all very good. Manage boundaries and stress. Enjoying things while I do them. Taking magnesium baths, exercising, breathing to my stomach, naps, goodnight's sleep, limited social media and news, having a good time with peoole. I hope you are better, and I hope this helps. God bless.
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Postby Trina Gempesaw » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:27 pm

I also have microcirculation therapy using d'oxyva. It really helped me a lot. My o2 saturation increased after I used it and noticed some major changes in my overall health. I am more relaxed and I can focus more now. It's been great so far!
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