First attempt... first fail

Postby ShortCat » Wed May 03, 2017 1:07 pm

Hi everyone,
Today i tried to hypnotize someone for the first time and yes... i failed :(

I tried with my twin brother.
I tried to built a set piece via magnetic fingers, magnetic hands and then tried to induce the hypnosis via "dress rehearsal" (i don't know how to say in english, i read "the hypnotist" of Anthony Jacquin and in italian it's called "La prova generale", the technic that worked for the first time for Anthony), where i says to the target: "
"Can I take your arm? What I will do in a moment will stretch my arm, so, and take your hand. I do not want you to go hypnosis, because I want to explain this ... "

"... because it will help you later to be hypnotized ... and then to get you out of hypnosis, we will lower our hand again."

"All you know is that I'll take your wrist so."

"I'll talk to you in a certain way, and when the hand reaches a certain height, you will notice that some things happen, that will make you understand that you are going to be hypnosis ... your eyes will close, your breathing It will change and you will go deeper and then, to bring you back, perfectly awake, we will lower your hand again. Okay? "

"I will not do it again, I just want you to understand the situation, if it was time to do so, all I would do would stretch my arm so I would lift your hand in this way and stop it to where you would go In hypnosis. You will probably find that your eyes will close at some point. Your hand will bend on its own, then I will lower it again. Okay. "

Finally i tried with the "iron arm" to see if he was in trance... but he was able to bend it.

Maybe my tone of voice was a little be restless... not so calm... maybe to loud... and sometimes i thought: "And now WTF have i to say?"

Somebody can help me, i'm really frustrated for this fail, i don't want to surrender, but i would like to understand where i was wrong.
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Postby WritingSamson » Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:35 am

Well, simply put, you likely tried too much too soon.

I understand you did research on techniques and the likes, which is of course important. But at the same time it poses a little trap. You studied one technique and then expected it to work because "it said so in the book". Now, that might just go well if you're lucky, but it is in and of itself a faulty way.

Hypnosis is actually just a particular form of communication. There is no "one-size-fits-all" kind of method you have to use. Just take your time, and properly learn what your subject needs and expects from hypnosis. If he didn't respond in the way you suggested, it may be because he has decided he doesn't like the suggestion. Think about it, if you tell someone that their arm turns stiff as a steel bar, they may be uncomfortable with that.

Talk it over. You may want to use hypnosis, but maybe your brother didn't and only went along with you to humor you. Then you may be in a situation were rather than the method you need to find some other person to work with.

Hope it helps.
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