Got symptoms of weed withdrawal after 1 edible.

Postby MotorDamned » Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:25 am

I'm not an addict, only smoked weed 5 times through 4 years. My last 2 experiences (2 years ago and 1 month 10 days ago respectively) ended in a panic attack.

My last time consuming cannabis was through an edible (cookie) made by a "friend" which wasn't very experienced; this cookie was REPLETED, full of cannabis oil and i didn't knew that at that moment. The high was so intense it lasted 12 hours, experienced paranoia, anxiety and an anormal heart rate.

1 week later i was feeling normal except for some tachycardias that were triggered randomly/after stress, but after 2 weeks and through 3 more weeks my vision turned foggy along with anxiety attacks at a level i've never experienced before, had insomnia and i entered a state i called "supression" where i couldn't feel anything, no emotions, no temperature, no pain. Then the depersonalization-desrealization kicked in and it lasted almost a week. The worst days of my life and i'm not exaggerating.

12 days ago, i started to feel much better, realized i was going trough a withdrawal process and to my pleasure most of the symptoms subdued, however some symptoms are still ongoing (insmonia, lingering and subtle anxiety/paranoia, difficulty to concentrate/hyperactivite brain, memory problems).

Today i feel even better, but from time to time i still feel subtle anxiety, general discomfort and a strange feeling that something is not right;
so i'm here to share my story to shed light on people looking what to expect on Cannabis withdrawal/P.A.W.s and to look for help trying to understand why i'm having these symptoms if i've never been an addict. Some doctors say it was too much drug and my body just couln't handle so my brain had to pay for it forever, some "friends" say that i just developed early psicosis/schizophrenia becasue weed withdrawal doesn't exist and some people on the internet says it's totally normal (for addicts) and i will be fine in some time.

This is my story, i've already read a lot of people 'round here and i would appreciate any kind of help.
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How are you now my friend
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