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Postby timovdw » Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:17 am

Every body knows how good it is to get up early and how much it will change your life. But only very view people are really doing it. Why?
I have tried this a couple of times but never where able to hold on to it. I didn't succeeded was because i didn't had any support or knowledge how to wake up early. Its not something you just want so it works.

So i figured out that there where 3 things needed to make this a habit.
Knowing why i want to wake up early
Knowledge of how to wake up early
And support from people who are going trough the same process
Knowing why i want it was easy. I did some math to find out how much time you will have extra.

lets say you wake up 1.5 hour earlier then normal for 5 days in the week.
= 7.5 hours a week
= 30 hours a month
= 390 hours a year
That is almost 49 working or 10 working weeks in total what you get extra to improve your self. You are crazy if you don't want that.

I wrote down why i waned to wake up early and how it would change my life and how i would feel when it is a habit for me. It is a simple task but crucial for the process. When you do this you get much more motivated and you know exactly why you ding this.

For the knowledge i just search a lot on the internet. There a many different ways of waking up early but you have to find some way that seems to fit you.

And really the most important thing is find a group of people where you can share your struggles but also your successes with.
And that actually why i stated this thread. To find people who want to join me with a 30 day challenge of getting up early. What would you do with an extra 30 hours in that month? How would you feel? What willl change in your life? There are so many opportunity's.

So if you like this idea and want to join the challenge let me know in the comments!!

It is a new group so you could be one of the first!!
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Postby angelal » Thu Jun 15, 2017 3:15 pm

Knowing how many hours you are adding on to your day is motivation enough to get up early.

Other thins that help: going to bed early; not eating too much junk before sleep; and having a reason to get up (get errands done, write, read, etc)
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