Feeling Guilty / How do I say thanks?

Postby mmacc2011 » Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:38 pm


Last year I bought my first place to live. I made the mistake at the time of not taking a survey, and some stuff that the survey may have picked up, I missed. My best mate, said from the outset that he would lend a hand as and when he could. I bought the place myself knowing that I'd have to do at least re-decoration, a lot of cleaning fund new appliances, and I set it out to myself that I did not EXPECT anyone to help, but if someone wanted to, I'd always be more than grateful.

My best mate, has certainly put in the hours. I arrived one day in my flat, to find an Xmas card, with £100 vouchers in it for me to use on my flat as I wished. That next weekend he helped again. In fact in the last year, he has probably given 25% of weekends to just sit there, and paint, and fill and clean the place up with me.

Initially, I felt his help warranted me to get the beers in, each weekend as we often find ourselves in the pub,but he's gone way beyond, and really been extremely useful. Even when I spent his money on paint, painted the walls and then the paint started flaking and we ended up stripping the walls a second time, he never got mad.

I feel guilty. He gave me a lot of vouchers, and I used them as he wanted, but I don't feel I've been able to pay back for all his help - all the weekends, listening to all my rants when something went wrong, a few small arguments about the best way to do things. I feel bad that when xmas came round and the vouchers came through, I didn't have enough to give him anything back in exchange for the vouchers.

How do you pay someone back for such a ridiculous amount of time given to me for free, and a few hundred pounds of vouchers to get me started. He's my best mate, but I don't feel it's the other way, because with setting up home, the cash flow is so tight. How do I show my thanks back? Take him away for a weekend somewhere on me, take him out for dinner? Something else?
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Postby Shady mey » Wed Jul 05, 2017 3:22 pm

You sure have a great friend, I think he really cares about you because of all the time he spent for you and all the vauchers he gave you. My advice is to think of things he likes to do or places he wants to go. You can make a surprise party for him in your appartament, go to the football match of his favourite team, make surprise gift or gifts and others. You can search on the internet for other ideas to say thank you to your mate.
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