Symptoms I find hard to label!

Postby Witchoo » Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:28 pm

Hey guys,

since Nov/Dec last year, I have had a period of panic attacks and suicidal feelings in reaction to anxiety symptoms. I have managed to get through the harder stages and become better.

My main issue right now is stages where I feel like I'm allergic to everything. Everything I see, every note I hear, the space that surrounds me. It's very bizarre and extremely uncomfortable. It's like I'm being suffocated by every single 'thing' that exists, almost like I'm allergic to being alive.

I feel a strong sense of claustrophobia and cabin fever when I experience this, no matter where I am, even outside... possibly like I'm trapped in my own body.
Yet it's also being bothered by every detail colour, colour, texture, dimension, concept etc. and how they work together. And all at once so it feels as if my brain has crashed and its misfiring thousands of cross-wired signals.

Yet, I know I want to live and know what I normally love. I do remember to observe the mind rather than caught up on it. However, this 'sensation' is very strong and manages to pull me back a lot as the trigger is every thing! It's like the mind is attacking itself... The best way I could describe it is being the opposite of peace. It can be absolutely unbearable but I have had happier days this year!
Can anyone please enlighten me on what this may be and how to deal?
Is it possible the panic attacks are a pre-cursor to something that's a bit more complex?

Thank you.
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Postby lone-tiger » Tue Jul 18, 2017 4:40 pm

Disassociation. Derealisation/Depersonalisation to be specific. I went through the same thing thinking it was drug induced psychosis with many mental breakdowns to follow. It is often the aftermath of panic attacks so don't worry. The symptoms will fade away eventually, trust me, just try to focus not too much on the symptoms. And don't let it prevent you from going through your daily life!!!!!!!!

Here is what helped me:

Seeing friends, it's important even if you might feel like you're far away or something
Don't use any recreational drugs, even caffeine or nicotine CAN make these symptoms worse

Or I read this strategy online which helped me a hell lot:

Afte rI while I just had this feeling in crowded places like the supermarket or a cafe. Then do this:

Focus on a point somewhere in the background. Slowly count to 10. Focus on everything else again.
To this for a while and it might get better, it helped me a lot.

I lived with these disassociations for 7 months or so, just don't give up.

I always felt liek I was looking into a monitor or if I was in a glass booth, unreachable for anyone else. So this claustrophobic feeling is nothing you should worry about too much, even if it feels really, really bad. you WILL get better. I got better too and I felt like I will be never the same again


Also yea, these symptoms CAN be a precursor to something else, but are more likely than not nothing more than your mind being exhausted from the panic attacks or and underlying fear of something. I actually got really scared of being mentally illfor the majority of time living with this but to this day I remain good, so don't worry. And Health issues are pretty treatable these days. Go to a counselor if you need it, tho
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Postby Witchoo » Tue Jul 18, 2017 4:46 pm

That's so kind of you to reply and enlighten me, thank you so much!
I'll save your tips and remember that I'm experiencing versions of disassociation.
Sending big love to you!!
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