Weed withdrawal Anxiety and pain paws

Postby Sodapop50 » Sun Jul 23, 2017 6:07 am

Hello guys!

This is my First Topic and im glad that i found that Forum. I had a very hard time

Im from germany and sorry if my english is bad.

First of all i started to smoke weed in my 19s very much and had a quit for a year after one year break i stopped and started again . On january 2017 i had smoked again for a long time a joint and got a freaking horror trip, the point was that i only smoked a 1/5 of a 1mg package which is literally a mini joint. After a day i had still a feeling of a very strong high fealing and couldnt eat evrything bcs i hadnt appetite. I had stomach cramps and my poo was dark like the seas in mordor and liquid like water. After some days i realized that if i closed my eyes that feeling like i was like flying or had drank much alcohol. I realized that i had eye pain and i had permanently blurred eye vision and couldnt go out on night because it was like a laser was stabbing my eyes. After some weeks anxiety kicks in and i had become cold attacks and was shaking, friend of my had given me 3 jackets and i was still shaking. After some time i realised evrything i ate my belly was blown up like a baloon and my bottom and belly part had hurt as hell. After some weeks ive got crazy pains in my eggs and abdominal area that i was mart to juny in my bed and had gain a much weight. The doctors had made an mrt and evrything was positive and ok.

After some time i was by a friend and the anxiety was so stromg that i had self kill minds in my head and the headache pains were still gonna kill me. I had some doctors frome russia who told that the dopamine transmitter are out of balance and i make time that they must rewire. I started a 19 day water fast and in this time the pains got worse but this was only the health crisis where evryone must to fight. After 7 days of fast i realised the headache was gone, the abdominal pain way on minimum that i can go again outside and my vision was restored to 90%. Also my anxiety attacks reduced to 1 day in a week that was holding only 1 hour. The only problem now is that when i drive car on night my eyes hurt and i have still a little foggy mind like autopilot but can very good comcentrate.

Today i drank lottle alcohol and drank some coffe and my amxiety kicks in, thinking because this is of the coffe.

There is still hope that i can recover and hope that u all can 2, try intermittent fasting, when the digestion is not working our brain has a better chanche to heal and u have no abdomimal pains in this time, hope u guys can something read out of my post and like bigsize said there is light on the end of the tunnel
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Postby uniqueason » Thu Nov 21, 2019 2:40 am

are you good now my friend :)
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