I think I'm neurotic.

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Hello. My name is Simon. I was thinking before to post about my problems on forum, but never had time or courage to do it. Today is the day. I always have problem to write about myself but I'll try my best. I don't know how to start. I am 23 years old. I used to study on Uni but left it after 2 years and now working from one place to another. I have problem with overthinking, stress, blush, anxiety. I think it has started when I was 15 - 16 yo. Almost everyday before school I had hunger pangs. Nowadays before important day for me I can't sleep and next day morning I have strong hunger pangs. I can't really fight with that. For example when I am flying somewhere, I love exploring and traveling but somehow I can't eat anything. I used to work in some peaceful farm for few months. Everyday looked the same, without stress and problem was gone but now I am back in big city and ... The other problem is overthinking and anxieties. Let's imagine situation that you are sitting with your friends and someone will joke that I am thief, gay, pedophile or anything. I know I am not any of these but I'll blush immediately and make stupid face expression. The other problem I have is that whenever I'll go out for clubing or anything I need to get drunked or use narcotics to talk with other people or get laid. When I am sober I am just standing and I am scared to talk to anyone. If any girl will ask me anything, like where is the toilet I'll blush... I think I don't have depression or anything I just overthinking eveytime. On stret, in bus etc. When someone is looking on my I always think that I did something wrong. I also can't look into ppl eyes when I talk with them. I would like to ask if you know any healthy medicines to lower my stress and anxieties or should I try some therapy. I know my post is chaotic but English is not my native and sometimes I don't know how to describe things. Have a nice day everyone. Peace.
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Hi Simon,

First of all, I applaud and acknowledge you for opening up about yourself and taking the courage to write this.

I do not think you are crazy. You are normal.

You just need to work on becoming more confident and everything else will align.

When you feel you have anxiety. Shut off the mind chatter and breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth. This helped me a lot when I used to have anxiety of being in public places.

I worked on my confidence along with the breathing and my anxiety went away.

An exercise for you to do to work on this is to talk to 2 people every day that you do not know. It may be hard at first, but the more you talk to strangers, the more comfortable and confident you will be.

- Dan, Certified Life Coach
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