Journal entry 19.

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Dear journal,

These days I have been feeling better and better. I take one day at a time, that seems to make my life easier. I have my friends and family who support me. I have nothing to be sad about, as I keep saying. But I still fight this stupid depression every day. I know that one of these days soon, it will stop completely. I am beginning to find myself, my true self. I am graduating college in December! It has been along journey living my life out here in Nebraska. I know that I have made myself a great life out here, all on my own. My journey here must end and I will begin a new one in Nevada, with all of my best buddies from high school. I am going to work on my master's degree and obtain the career that I have dreamed of growing up. I never necessarily knew that I wanted to become a counselor until I was in my senior year of high school. There are many words to describe this journey between depressing, difficult, challenging, amazing, wonderful, incredible, never forgettable. The thrill of being on the verge of graduation makes me wanna keep going strong until the finish line. I know that my journey here has not finished. I will come back for my last year of my master's program. I have made lifelong friends who I know will have my back until the end. I am a guy who has always enjoyed the city. The town I am in is tiny. I had to adjust to the small town life. It was a very difficult transition. I am glad that it happened though, because I would not have learned as much as I have. I am still thinking that when I become older, I will put all of these entries and try to publish it into a book. What are my viewers thoughts?
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