How to neutralize my boss

Postby winzer » Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:10 am

I have been working with my company for about a year now. I really enjoy what I do. But my boss really makes it hard to enjoy the work atmosphere. Over the course of a year, I've noticed him making lots of remarks that go against me. Allow me to explain.

My boss and I are very much idealistic opposites. He spends on everything (maximalist) and I save the majority of my salary (minimalist). He always comments on why I don't have the latest newest things. For example, he has a new Porsche. I on the other hand choose not to own a car and can so because I'm close to work. I save and invest the amount I would spend on a car. So he'll constantly try to bring something up in a conversation like: "X is such a great place, but you wouldn't know because don't have a car...". Remarks like this are common, and I find extremely immature. He has even called me "loser" directly. How can I neutralize statements like this?

Another thing that annoys me, he constantly asks why I don't have a family yet. I am childfree by choice. This concept completely flips his world and he just can't comprehend not having a family. He'll say things like "Why the hell would you be childfree"? He'll say things like "Everyone can go to the christmas party that has a family, this is a family place. So you except you".

Really what's going on is this complete value clash. And my boss, as immature as he is, is taking it upon himself to influence/pressure/vent at me. I'm fine with everyone having their own believes but when they try to force their belief onto me it really annoys me.

In an ideal world, I would say something like "Stick it up your donkey". But obviously I can't without repercussions. How can neutralize or best handle his immature remarks?
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:36 am

winzer wrote: How can neutralize or best handle his immature remarks?

By neutralizing your immature thought process. Do you not believe that you are being immature when you allow the harmless remarks of another person to hurt you? Why do you care, why does it hurt, why do you need to go into a forum and ask how to neutralize the harmless remarks of another person unless you have not yet fully matured?

Focus on you and your lack of having fully matured. You think about replying in an immature manner (stick up your a**) to immature remarks, but don't only because you fear consequences. That is immaturity.

A mature person doesn't care what personal remarks are offered up by the immature. They don't waste their time, they have other, more important things to do with their time.
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