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I shou be doing that in a brazilian forum but i want to have some foreign advices... Well, i've became addicted to pornography for almost 5-6 years, but the problem is that i did something really bad and i'll tell what i did so that you guys can help me, well around my 14 years old every single boy at my school stard to hang out with lots of girls kissing them and getting laid with 'em but i didn't, and then i found myself in an uncomfortable spot because i wanted that but the girls didn't look at me, the fact is that i started to create fake Snapchat accounts to send Nudes to girls so that i'd feel noticed by them(but i just noticed later that they wouldn't know who i really was) but somehow they discovered in my school that the fake guy was me, at least a little group of girls as far as i know,but i'm freaking out here with the fact that the boys can start bullying me because of that and i already know that this is all my fault but i feel very ashamed because of that cause this isn't me, i just fell in a dark hole and i don't know how to escape. I'm 17 now but i'm with this eight on my back since 2015, i feel depressed and frightened just to think about the guys bullying me because of it. There are 2 months left yet but i go nervous to school everyday and it feels like the days don't pass. Just need some tips or advices to help me pass through these 2 months left in peace, and the reason that i'm unburdening myself here is that Brazilian teenagers are Evil,they'd never understand these feelings so i hope you guys can help me,btw sorry for any grammar errors.
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Postby lelou1209 » Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:15 pm

Hi, first of all, you should know that you're not alone! I have plenty of friends that did the same "mistakes". One of my best friends sent a picture of her boobs to a guy who told everyone at school and she felt so bad and people were criticizing her (it lasted approximately 2weeks) but then they got tired of it and talked about something else. We always are very hard on ourselves and what you did isn't that bad, when you said "the problem is that I did something really bad" I thought it was much more serious! If boys start to bully you, don't show them that you care and ignore them. Tell some friends if you have some it will make you feel better and try to enjoy your last two months. You're saying that Brazilian teenagers are Evil but I'm sure you'll find good people! Don't ruin your life because of that, it's gonna be ok :)Love from France :D
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Postby Naive_wife » Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:07 am

Hey there.
When i was exactly your age i made fake stories to get the trust of girl with whom i wanted to be just friends with.
Results: after making up stories and eventually being friends with a "very famous" girl she ultimately came to know d truth. I was labelled a liar and slapped in front of everyone.
Afyer this incident i had still 4 years of school left. The year following the incident was very tough. Everybody knew abt it but nobody directly spoke to me. Her friends would indirectly come to me and hit me in the pretext of giving me a "high five" which "missed my hand." One of her friend was very close to me...she started returning all d gifts which i had given her for her birthday in the last 3 years. Reason: there is no place in the house.
It was very bad. I absolutely had no friends. And it was a nightmare to go to school. My confidence and self esteem went below 0. I then thot to myself that when i come back home i still had half of my day where i had so many people who wanted to be with me and have fun and share things and experiences. I started enjoying that and started strengthening that part of my life. It helped me a lot to bring myself back up. It made me more mature and helped me to be more responsible of my relationships, actions, choices and words.
Afyer 2 years people started noticing that "she is really not that bad maybe that incident was just one of her wrong decision. Maybe she just wanted to be her friend but did nt knw which was the correct way to do it."

The girl who slapped me came n apologized to me and asked if we could be friends!! i said no because although she had apologized still d past wud haunt and may come between our friendship som day n also by then i had made 1 really good friend whom i didnt want to replace.

I knw i hv bored u with my story. All i want to say is that in my case i was bullied, tortured and made fun of. In your case that has not even happened. You are afraid of the unknown. You are afraid of ur own assumptions. Nothing has happened yet.
If u still are afraid just share ur feelings with a friend whom u trust a lot so that he/she can b of great support in school. He/she may nt protect u but u will knw i hv some one so ir fear will come down naturally. Also remember NOBODY remembers what you did in school once you graduate.

Do not worry abt nt being laid. Remember u r in ur teens n u still hv nt "blossomed" well. Give your body sometime and nurturing. Make yourself stand out. You never knw you may get more than u ever expected.
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Postby IllojimSon » Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:35 pm

I beg you to investigate the Reddit NoFap, there are so many cases like yours, and it can help you a lot, please give it a look and you will be thankful. Good luck
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