heaven and hell

Postby federico91 » Mon Sep 25, 2017 5:49 pm

Heaven and hell are not geographic, they are psychological, they are psychology itself. Heaven and hell are not at the end of life, they are here and now.

The door opens every moment; at every moment we travel between heaven and hell. It is something that happens from moment to moment, in a moment we can pass from hell to heaven, or from heaven to hell. Hell and heaven are within us. The doors are very close to each other

with the right hand we can open one and with the left open the other. With a mental change, the whole being is transformed: from heaven to hell and from hell to heaven. When we act unconsciously, without consciousness, we enter into hell; when we are conscious, when we act in full consciousness, we are in heaven.

The Zen master Hakuin was visited by a warrior, a samurai, a great soldier, and asked: "Is there heaven, is there hell? And if there is heaven and hell, where are the gates? From where do you enter? How can I avoid hell and choose heaven? ยป
He was a simple warrior. A warrior is always simple; otherwise he would not be a warrior. A warrior knows only two things: life and death; his life is always at stake, he is always playing; he is a simple man. He had not come to learn any doctrine. He wanted to know where the gates were to avoid hell and to enter heaven. And Hakuin answered in the only way a warrior could understand.

What did Hakuin do?

He said, "Who are you?"

"I am a samurai," replied the warrior.
In Japan being a samurai is something to be proud of. It means being a perfect warrior, a man who will not hesitate for a second to surrender his life. For him, life and death are only a game. He said, "I am a samurai, I am a chief of samurai. Even the Emperor presents me his respects.

"You a samurai?" Hakuin laughed. You look more like a beggar.

The pride of the samurai was wounded, his ego crushed. He forgot what he had come for. He drew his sword and was about to kill Hakuin. He forgot that he had come to see the master to learn where the gates of heaven and hell are.

Hakuin laughed and said, "This is hell's door." With this sword, this anger, this ego, the door opens. This is something a warrior can understand. And the samurai immediately understood: this is the door. He re-sheathed the sword, apologizing

And Hakuin said, "Now you have opened the gates of heaven."
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Postby federico91 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 4:14 am

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_cont ... iqlZZddZEo

cultivating a thought is harvested an action, cultivating an action is harvested a habit, cultivating a habit is harvested a character, cultivating a character is cultivated a destination

it is very important to meditate on the thoughts that we have because they are the ones that determine our destiny, day by day, it is important to listen to appropriate music that has positive messages, because often the messages are impregnated in the subconscious mind influencing the behavior

Christian music is very good, music for meditation, of course it is also necessary to have good eating habits, and if it is possible to do physical activity, to have greater clarity every day, a greater capacity to know what one wants for life , for the future

the past is very complicated for everyone, many people have conditions for the upbringing we had, school, father, mother, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, many people left marks in our life, some for good others for evil , the important thing is to learn from all experience

it is important to know how to forgive, to be at peace, to reflect on one's own mistakes, and to avoid them

To grow is painful, a person can feel a lot of pressure when feeling the responsibility of his own life, sometimes it is important to seek help

trusting oneself is important, being patient and persevering, creating a heaven is something that requires a lot of time, just like creating a hell, it is not something that can be created from one day to the next

day by day, that way we live all living beings on this planet, every day has its problems, it is important to adapt to the environment, to seek solutions, and to prepare as far as possible for the future, with hope and optimism, but with prudence

a phrase says "the optimist is like a sailor who expects the climate to change, the pessimist complains of the wind and the realist adjusts the sails"
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Postby federico91 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 4:25 pm

of course, the phrase is very beautiful, but in reality, sometimes we are pessimistic, we complain about the problems, then adjust the candles, we are realistic and then we are optimistic and we expect the winds to change
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Postby laureat » Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:19 pm

it is not accurate to split life on two pieces: hell and heaven

There are moments of pain: call it hell if you like
There are moments of pleasure: call it heaven

But There are moments when you simply be there and there is neither pain or pleasure: so how do you call it?

And there are moments when you feel both pleasure and pain?

Spliting life in two pieces teaches you to think so inaccurate about life
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Postby federico91 » Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:46 pm

indeed, it is not possible to divide life between heaven and hell, perhaps there are different skies and different hells

we create reality with thought, everything created in the physical dimension, was first planned in the subtle plane of thought


I think that at any moment we are feeling something, I think it is impossible not to feel anything, sometimes we can feel pain for very simple things, like being cold, hungry, thirsty, or hot

I think that it is not a matter of taking as seriously the notion of heaven and hell as if they were very opposite extremes

sometimes I think we can feel pain for feeling alone

by being clinging to the memories of a past, little things

in the same way, pleasure or "being in heaven" I think it is not a supernatural mystical experience, sometimes simply listening to a music, feeling the breeze of fresh air, the sun, watching nature, singing, dancing, can give the feeling of being in heaven
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Postby federico91 » Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:55 pm

The story of the Zen master talks about the inner world and mental states.

Qualities like jealousy, envy, rancor, greed, lies, pride, arrogance, can create a hell
Qualities such as humility, gratitude, honesty, prudence, patience, perseverance, respect can create a heaven.

It's impossible to be pure, we are human, we have flaws, we can not live permanently in the cloudless sky, sometimes we have problems and difficulties, our harmony is disturbed, but those moments of crisis are "positive" in some way.

Albert Einstein he once said "do not pretend that things change if we always do the same, the crisis is the best blessing that can happen to countries and people, because the crisis brings progress.

Creativity born of anguish like the day of the night, it is in the crisis where inventiveness is born, the discoveries and the great strategies, the real crisis is the crisis of incompetence, the problem of countries and people is the laziness to find outlets and solutions.

Without crisis there are no challenges, no challenges life is a routine, a slow agony
it is in the crisis where the best of each one comes out, without crisis all wind is caress.
To speak of crisis is to promote it, and to be silent in the crisis is to exalt conformity.
Let's work hard, let's end the only threatening crisis, not want to fight to overcome it
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