My P.D. Relapsed While on Medication??

Postby Ashytea » Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:28 pm

Hello, i'm Ashley. Ive been on Cipralex 10mg for my Panic Disorder for a year this week. The medication helps with managing my symptoms for the most part, and it took a while to get to a point where i was okay(by "okay" i mean going a few weeks without incident). There will be points in the month where i go into a stage of, what i think is remission, but my therapist will think as my new symptoms of PMS. So heres the thing, i want to know if i am going into a relapse or if it's something else? Like, maybe my body doesnt respond to the treatment anymore? Starting last week (2nd last week of sept) it was a tough week. I was blamed to hitting a dog, i drive an hour both ways to go to full-time college, im late on my period, and i caught a pretty bad cold on the weekend. Could those be the driving factors on why I'm experiencing a complete relapse? Although, i did get panicky because during the week i didnt really feel much emotion and my biggest fear is losing my mind so, i kinda freaked. Also, i went to Church and took a breakdown after because i didnt feel the love i had for God with me. So, did i relapse cause the medication doesn't work anymore when I'm faced with phobias? Maybe all the stress this week caused me to break? Its been 3 days but im going to call my doctor and therapist anyway. Those of you with this know it is the worst sensation in the world, almost indescribable
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