Huge guilt! PLZ HELP! MEMORY ERASURE possible through hypno?

Postby pranjal.saxena » Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:45 pm

I have committed a mistake more that 15 months didnt hurt anybody but was not according to my moral standards..since then it comes up everytime i try to move on from it..i just cant do anything pulls me back from almost every good thing even when i try i fall back in even more guilt..i have lost my job.. my friends.. i cant study..i just stay in my room..not sleeping..probably for days..crying for most of my time each for months..i just want to end this pain..every now and then i think of commiting suicide..the only other way that i think could help me is completely erasing that memory from my brain..that one single incident..every time i start doing something good i start thinking about that mistake and then it gets ruined. i used to be a topper with a really good job. Now i have lost everything..just a looser sitting in the corner of a room..crying all day everyday..can anyone help me erase that incident from my brain? is it even possible to erase that memory? i seriously need help..i want to be saved..i dont want to die like this..please i beg you! i have been suffering for a very long time and the only way i think of getting relief is suicide.. is there anybody who can erase that memory from my brain???? please? i dont want any other kind of help..just tell me if amnesia or memory erasure is possible or not and if it is..can anyone help me with it?
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:42 am

This is the third time you have posted the same topic. The answer is the same. Nothing has changed. Outside of a surgical or chemical lobotomy, you can't erase just one memory.

In fact, all you keep doing is reinforcing the memory and are creating more memories that will trace back to the original memory. Even your posts in here just reinforce your memory, meaning you will need to "erase" more and more memories in order to avoid recalling the original.


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