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Hello, I have depression, anxiety, and potentially bi polar disorder (doctors are working on it to find out). I am 25 years old still living with my parents with no foreseeable end in sight because I'm too paranoid. I have seemingly no drive to do anything I ever want or need to do with no way of getting any. My younger brother has been moved out for a while and just recently got engaged which makes me feel like a failure. I am over weight because all I seem to do is eat and sit on my butt all day with little exercise. I feel like I am a burden to be around because I have misophonia and can't help asking everyone around me to stop making certain noises. Even when I do ask (polite and nicely), they get upset with me which drives me to be alone a lot which makes me lonely. I am extremely embarrassed about my life. I have contemplated suicide and cutting myself many times. I am so worried that I will end up like the guys on step brothers. As you can tell by reading this, my mind is running wild with self loathing and can hardly make a coherent paragraph.
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Hi, the things you say are sometimes very common to all people, nobody likes to feel annoying noises for example, many people have difficulty in having discipline in their diet, it is a strange world, on the one hand, in some parts of world many people die from not having food and in other parts of the world people have too many foods that compromise the health of the body.

The technology helped us a lot in the communication, but the excessive use of technology favors a sedentary lifestyle.

It is very important to connect with nature, feel the sun, wind, birds singing, insects, observe the trees, the earth, meditate while being connected to nature, in solitude is very important to have a wider perspective, to accumulate energy.

The most important thing is to have an optimum energy state, only thus it is possible to adapt to the changes of the environment, but sometimes the energy is lost, sometimes when we have energy the only thing we want is to feel sexual pleasure, and thus we lose the opportunity to invest in well-being for the future.
It is necessary to think about what you want and about what you do not want
"Let's not expect things to change if we always do the same" said Albert Einstein.

The reality that we create has origin in the thought, for that reason it is necessary to meditate, to observe the own mind, the emotions
take responsibility for oneself, without the expectation that another person will do what one has to do.

Of course sometimes it is necessary to ask for help or help other people, but always we need focus on things that can be done, changed or improved on a daily basis.

It is necessary to be alert, awake and conscious, humans are very sleepy, we live day and night dreaming, we are always with dreams in our mind, thinking about the past, thinking about the future, remembering emotions from the past and life is "here and now".

It is important to learn to live "here and now" awake, aware, moment by moment, with responsibility for the present moment

Responsibility means ability to respond, it is an inner capacity.

It is important to identify who our enemies are.

Sometimes we are distracted by music, food, technology, laziness, conformism, in another extreme other enemies can be ambition, greed.

Sometimes we find ourselves in an idealized comfort zone, if we do not leave that area, sometimes life makes us go out to grow and mature, to expand and improve our skills.

It is necessary to find the balance, between the comfort zone where we are focused on ourselves and the "cortisol zone".
The ​​cortisol zone, is that place where we stop thinking about ourselves and seek to adapt to the outside world and people around.
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Postby federico91 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:30 pm


day to day it is possible to improve and surpass oneself !
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