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Still attending CoDA meetings regularly.

I made it to six months abstinence - no dating, no sex, no flirting. No nothing, basically. These 6 months have been a wonderful gift to myself.

The 12 step programs are imperfect, but still very much worthwhile. Have made a few really good friends at 12 step meetings. People who are self-aware, and willing to grow and change.

I don't agree with the "disease" model of addiction as espoused by 12 step programs, nor the idea of "character defects". Rather, I see "defects" as being simply aspects of the False Self.

Other improvements that can be partially credited to CoDA --
Have developed a good daily meditation practice. I also write a daily gratitude list (which I consider to be a form of prayer). Eating a healthy, varied diet, plenty of green veges. Hard exercise 5 times/ week. Have overcome my procrastination. Have figured out some career goals and financial stability goals, and am chipping away at achieving them. Also, enjoying some creative pursuits. Experiencing more calm, insight and stability. Better, safer, more constructive interactions with others.

CoDA's not perfect, but I HAVE found it immensely useful.

Will update this thread again in about 6 months :-) Adios for now.
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