Emotional Intelligence

Postby vineet13 » Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:01 am

Sometimes I get confused where to put my energy i.e

Some people ruthless dumping the waste on the road or doing a certain thing.
And then other group is cleaning the sh** of other person. I get confused why energy is not spent in stopping the first group for creating the mess

Are we not allowing them to create mess by not stopping them. I mean rather than cleaning other mess why people dont stop others
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Postby federico91 » Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:37 pm

I think we still need to grow in global consciousness, as humanity is still divided, in nationalities, creeds, races, ideologies, we have many divisions, even in one country there are many divisions between different people, in the same family there are divisions, so both, that implies that human beings have even in our interior many divisions, many contradictions

In the first place we neglect planet earth, we do not know how to use the resources that the planet has, and sometimes those resources are misused, used to make nuclear weapons, for example, crazy, all the powerful governments of the world spend millions and millions of dollars dollars to invest in weapons, instead of investing in health, education, care of the planet

The photonic age is the next era of light where many things change, including how to use energy

Food is an example of misuse of energy, for example in the United States a large part of the population consumes more calories than it spends and that is why obesity and overweight increase daily

On the other hand, people die of hunger in other countries

Unfortunately nowadays there is a lot of nationalism, a lot of selfishness, where all people or most think of themselves first, then in others

But there are other people who, if they have a global cosnciencia, that can see all humanity as their family, and that can help all the persoans as part of their family, that is the type of person that the world needs

It is necessary to think about future generations, many people are only interested in earning money without even thinking about the future of their children and how they leave the world for future generations without thinking that it is their children who will inhabit the world they leave and possibly the same world they will find when they reincarnate in another physical body (if there is reincarnation) this is something I believe because I read Braian Weiss

So, we are all souls living in different physical bodies, but in our essence we are the same..regardless of nationality, skin color, sexuality, religion, political inclination, race, age, ideology,profession or any other difference..

The world is one, humanity is one, and it would be normal or sensible to work together to improve all humanity and do everything possible to build a better world for future generations with the hope of reincarnating and being part of a better humanity
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Postby Livetowin » Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:49 pm

Unfortunately emotional intelligence is at an all time low. Society teaches people to follow the guide of their emotions rather than understanding the makeup of their life experiences which governs the reactions of those emotions. If you don't understand what makes you tick, how can you define your emotions at face value to know when they are legitimate or coming out irrationally in response to something deeper? We even have kids making life choices while parents stand by like helpless morons throwing up their hands to let their kids ruin their lives.

We're raising a generation of sheep who want what they want, how they want, when they want because the priority, the only quality that is heard is how they "FEEL".. And we're filling our institutions with teachers who embrace these notions because it removes them from the hard work of actually figuring out what the greater problem is. " Just give them what they want." If the new standard is whatever you desire, then there is no standard. And if our education system abandons it's discipline to face these issues (instead of feeding them) then we will soon be a world of mindless fools waiting for someone with real intelligence to govern us...or worse.
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