Extremely disturbing nightmares since I stopped smokign weed

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So I've been smoking since I was 15(I am 26 years old now)every single day. At 18 years old of age to 21/23 I smoked REALLY heavily, I couldn't even believe on what I was doing and so slowed it down, but still smoking everyday.
I've stopped smoking for about 5 days now and suprinsingly I've been fighting the addiction really well. I don't smoke tabbaco or am addict to any other thing though. I feel more energetic, willing to do things, better appetite. I am way more efficient in my job(I'm a video editor). I want to cleanse my body, since I also am boxing in my free time.

But one thing that is terrifying me is my nightmare since I stopped smoking. I remember ALL of them in these past days which was something that wasn't happening during my days of smoking weed. And their genuenely bizarre...

Just exemplifying, yestarday, I dreamt that I was visiting my parents at their appartment, at night. But a random man was just standing outside the building door and I talked to him "Hello, good night" like a normal person, but he didn't speak a single word nor showed any emotion. When I go inside the building he went inside and followed me to the point of getting inside my parents house and soon as he got in he ran straight and stabbed my dad multiple times and my mother screamed so loud and it was so freaking real man...I got him in a chokehold and squeezed his neck so hard his eyes popped out and grabbed his knife after and I swear I probably stabbed him about 80 times in the face.

I woke up in panic, all shaking and even had marks on my arms(I don't know, probably becaus eof the chokehold?) It's been like that these past days, other nightmares are someone chasing me for hours and other creepy and very violent dreams...this is making me want to go back to smoke weed...

I'd like to know how long these nightmares go on, from someone who's experienced this.

Best regards.
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Postby Relapse2018 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:25 am

Perfectly normal, it's called rem rebound. It will go on as long as your brain needs it to, I've been through it many times myself, currently I'm at the 2 month mark and still waking up all the time from crazy dreams. It depends how chronic you were for how long.

You can actually find out things about yourself from the dreams, your subconscious is often trying to tell you something that's repressed.
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