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Postby Leah09 » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:44 pm

Hey guys,
Myself and my boyfriend are going through a bit of a hard time at the minute. We both love eachother very much and we could go to the end of earth for eachother but things are changing and my anxiety seems to be ruining everything.
I keep having dreams of us. Mostly in the dream I suddenly remeber him as if he was a past boyfriend and I’m texting him desperate to get him back. Anyone know what this could symbolize? I have other dreams of us that are sexual like us getting locked in my workplace and having sex on the desks. Sorry Ino random. Can anyone offer anysight on This thanks guys
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:56 pm

If you watch a scary movie, you might have a nightmare about the movie. It doesn't symbolize anything. The same as you might have a dream about a movie that means absolutely nothing, if you have a dream that includes a person you know it means absolutely nothing.
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Postby Translucent » Mon Oct 16, 2017 12:07 am

Talk to him about these dreams. If you can't, maybe you should be alone for a while.
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Postby gaestraidr » Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:16 am

What do you see in your dream with the one that resemble/near the likes of the dreams you wary off? There's none? If there was, could you please said it?

As I see that your case might be affected of your earlier relationship, putting your mind in paranoid state.

If I describe what symbol your dream is, it would be suffocation at love interest. Meaning that you're currently helding a pain witnessing something from your lover.

A question once again, is there any situation where your lover had a posibility of being snatched? If there's nothing, the right notion would be open your insecurity with each other, you might want to be romantic state like cuddling or any kind of action that deemed both of you in clossure, so you would be calm and comfortable with him.

Although, opening up to something with your lover is sometime perks up hesitation, but worry not if he willing to listen.

So in the meantime, try not to be wary of surrounding, if something within you felt wrong, then talk it again to some of your friend that you could trust, or just replied to this thread where you ask for an advice.

After all, words turn into gold in certain situation :)
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