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Hey guys my name is JJ im18 years old and im going through a weird phase that i dont understand.
just lately life has been feeling weird ever since i quit smoking. i started smoking freshmen year of high school im currently a senior. ive been 3 month sober. i stopped because i was having weird high. ill be self conscious, ill feel like people talked bad about me, i would even get paranoid and i even stopped to avoid increasing my chances on getting schizophrenia since it runs in my family. right now my mind is all over the place. i dont even know what to think about because im constantly paranoid about me becoming schizophrenic. life doesnt seem real sometimes but i know that its all in my head. i havent been the same person lately. i use to be the kind of person to talk to people without worrying so much about what ill say, i was thoughts were enthusiastic when it came to me listening to music and i wasnt so much worried about life. ive read about people having weed withdrawls and most said theyve felt crazy for month but who know im probably am getting early schizophrenia symptoms. i just need help or someone to talk this out off my mind please if anyone reads this.
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