Present Tense, Affirmations & Post Hypnotic Suggestion

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Hello fellow members. Specifically, when it come to using hypnosis or self hypnosis to achieve law of attraction type goals, I would like some clarity on the whole matter of "Present Tense". For the purpose of hynosis suggestion does present tense always mean stated as already true. Doesn't present tense also mean true at a future time, over a period of time, or when triggered by a trigger event? Isn't that the basis of how post hynotic instructions are formulated? You simply tell the subject that something is true when a trigger action or time occurs.

I ask this because Dr. Maltz in Psycho Cybernetics says the subconscious mind is a goal seeking mechanism. Affirming something is already true is not really stating a goal. So based on that, if one had a goal to earn $100,000 a year would it not be more effective to structure the suggestion as "i earn $100,000 over the next twelve months" instead of "i earn $100,000 a year"? One is an affirmation stating it is "already true". The other is programming the future (stating a goal) using a post hypnotic suggestion structure.

I can see where people using autosuggestion need to use affirmations stated as already true because it would be hard for a person not actually in hypnosis to use a true post hypnotic suggestion. However, it seems to me for a person actually doing hypnosis programming the future in a present tense manner with a properly worded post hypnotic suggestion would be more effective. Is this correct or am I off base here?

I am student and practitioner of self hypnosis seeking to use direct suggestions in the most effective manner to accomplish my goals. I am not a trained hypnotherapist so I would greatly appreciate feedback from those of you who are professional hypnotist.

Thank you.
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