Tried erotic hypnosis, now worried

Postby PMelol » Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:48 pm

Hi all, I registered just to post this. It's possible I'm freaking out about nothing, but last night I tried "femdom hypnosis" with someone I met on an S&M site. I was very nervous about trying it, but I figured I would give it a shot and that any potential negative effects could be reversed afterwards.

Here's a description of what she offered in her own words:

Alright you pathetic lonely people time to line up.

Was trying picking one of you at a time out of the bunch, but that's just not working out. Scheduling problems, or just chickening out, whatever.

Here's the deal. Line up here for consideration to be worked on every Wednesday at 7 pm pst. One at a time I'll pick one of you and mess with your mind for as long as it suits me. Who I pick will depend on activity and creativity to earn my attention in this line.

What am I picking you for? Text based hypnotic control that will permanently alter your life beyond recognition. For the enjoyment of myself of course, maybe you will enjoy it as well. Be warned that I will be choosing how to change you. Yes you have a life and so on, I wont ruin it. Neither will I acquiesce to every little fantasy you've ever had. So be ready to be controlled and lose your choices.

So, I stupidly tried this out. Anyway, it wasn't that great. I don't really feel different. I feel a little weird, but I felt weird before trying it because I was worried about, so it's probably just psychosomatic. Anyway, she talked about implanting her "presence" into my core being and erasing my personality, and stuff, which is obviously freaky.

People have posted about her on a site called Fetlife, and apparently she knows what she is's one post (graphic, I apologize):

I was once a test subject of Epiptheria’s. We corresponded for several months but after I realize what she was doing to me, I had to break away. I had always considered myself straight, but after her sessions I noticed a change in my sexual preferences. Regular porn could barely get me hard anymore, I had to rely on sissy stuff and femboys. I would edge myself to images of c**k and finger myself into oblivion.

Even today I struggle to overcome the intoxicating allure of worshipping a real man’s c**k. Whatever she did to me has forever changed me.

So, now I'm worried that I've been permanently changed and I need to go to a hypnotherapist or something to undo this. Could one session have done damage? Here's some of our conversation:

Gladly you are weak and pathetic for my presence
yes Miss, I love it
Emily your strongest fantasies revolve around losing control
Emily losing control and realizing you are powerless
yes Miss
Emily Henry feeling helpless in the control of others
Emily you've lost your control
yes Miss
Emily) you feel submissive
Emily you feel docile
Emily you automatically accept your situation
yes Miss
Emily you've forgotten how to resist
Emily A blank and empty fog surrounds you
Emily You have no direction of your own
Emily You have no control
Emily You want me to be in control
yes Miss, please
Emily Complete control over everything you do
yes Miss
Emily You’ve let go of reason
yes Miss
Emily You don’t understand objection
Emily You only feel obedience
yes Miss
Emily You cling to my will
yes Miss
Emily You rely on it lead you
yes Miss
Emily) No will of your own
yes Miss
Emily No choice of your own
yes Miss
Emily I make your choices now
yes Miss, I understand
Emily No structure of your own
no structure
Emily You rely on the rules I give you
yes Miss
Emily You need me to rebuild you
yes Goddess
Emily You are a blank slate
Emily All I say is true
All you say is true
Emily You have no ability to deny
I can't deny
Emily All I say will always be true all you say will always be true I completely screwed now?
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:03 pm

How in any way shape or form are you “completely screwed”?

You made the choice to find this forum, right? You made the choice to start a thread, right? You made the choice to write all of the above, right? No one else did any of the above for you, right? You were not forced or compelled or unable to control any of what you wrote, right? And I guarantee you made the choice today of what to eat for breakfast, when to take a shower, and whatever else you decided to do.

So no, you are not “completely screwed” simply because you had an extremely lame text conversation where all you did was reply, yes, yes, yes.

BTW, why Emily Henry?
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Postby WritingSamson » Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:02 pm

Hey :)
Seems we've got one point in common because I registered here just to reply to your question.

There were two things I was alarmed about reading your post. First, it made the impression to me like this was more or less your first contact with hypnotism in either form being put into practise? If so there would have indeed been better ways to familiarise yourself with it before this one for a number of reasons. I'd like to mention those in a minute.

Second, it sounds to me like you should definitely reconsider working with this particular hypnotist. The sooner, the better. I'm not saying this to scare you or stir up some baseless panic. It has to do with the aforementioned reasons.

Hypnotism is - before anything else - about communication and mutual trust. That goes for all fields of application, including this.From what you wrote, that was severly missing in your correspondence with that particular hypnotist. Both of it. Now, the whole thing about her giving instructions and expecting them to be followed is normal for that kind of setting. Disregarding any discomfort on your part is not!

Let me also say this: the hypnotist you were working with seems to be doing this for quite some time. That is to say, she likely really knows what she's doing. That, however, only means she expects you to know that as well. And if this was your first try at it then sorry, but honestly there is no way you could.

You were diving headfirst into a session that was meant for people that were fully aware of what to expect, with prior experience as reference. Your hypnotist was giving you one warning. A general one, not addressing you, your concerns, fears or ideas.

Then, there is the dialoge you shared. From what I can see, if that was really your first session, the hypnotist was pushing too far too quickly, without establishing the ever so crucial communication with you. Not to mention the whole confusion about the two names in that dialoge, which has been also mentioned by the previous poster. Without knowing any more there are two possible reasons. Your hypnotist either had you join in on a session with another subject, working with both of you at once or they tried to "erase your personality" by trowing off your sense of identity. Definitely not (!) what a responsible hypnotist should be doing,neither during your first, nor any session. But unfortunately people like that regularly appear on the internet.

There is way too much more one could say about this, but in a nutshell it all boils down to this: Do you trust this hypnotist to work with the most sensible, impressionable parts of your own mind and not do any damage? Or do you yourself feel the hypnotist might take advantage of your trust and do something - anything (!) - you might not consent to?

Lastly, a positive reminder: hypnotism in and of itself is but a tool. But that just means all the more danger if you put yourself in the hands of someone who uses it without having read the "manual", so to speak. You might want to consider trying hypnosis in a less... intimate way, maybe first in real life with someone you actually can get a reliable impression of through establishing communication before (!) the actual session.

Regarding your worries, however, if you didn't take part in any more sessions, the hypnotist never had enough time to cause damage so grave it would warrant seeing a therapist. Just take some time to think over what exactly you seek from hypnosis. If you know what you want and where your limits are, hypnotism can be as useful as it can be fun.
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