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Postby BullFrog » Mon Aug 20, 2018 3:19 pm

I wanted to add a more positive note to the previous post of mine immediately above. Obviously I cannot relate to those here who struggled with addiction and many years of using marijuana. I only used it for one week and had some sorta terrible reaction. But despite that, I can say I have absolutely become a better person. There are definite differences before I experienced cannabis and afterwards.

I am a stay at home father who homeschools our children (I have a 4 year old, 2 year old, and a 10 week old). For a myriad of truly pointless reasons, I was always reluctant to travel while my kids were young. So ever since my eldest son was born, I wasn't really willing to go on planes and visit family across the country and so forth as I didn't want to deal with the "discomfort" of a potential crying child. But now, I have realized I want to seize life!!! After feeling what it is like to have severe anxiety, fatigue, loss of appetite and months of pressure and dizziness (the last two symptoms flaring up again after two months of really good progress), I knew I wanted to never take life for granted and enjoy good normal health! So I took our whole family and we flew to North Carolina to visit some family (we live in California). I didn't care if it would be a pain and our children might cry up a storm. I was going to do what made my wife happy and go places! (my kids did great, by the way). And you know what? I LOVED IT!

I also tended to be more of a secluded person, but now I get out of my comfort zone more often and talk to people while I am at the park with my kids instead of never talking to anyone at all. I also have a very sensitive heart towards those struggling with mental health issues. I also have become less judgmental.

I also am a Christian so I got challenged to check on my heart and find where I was hypocritical or inconsistent with my beliefs. I began to pray more, give more, and strive to overcome the areas of my life where I needed serious improvement. I believe God has used this terrible situation to help me in all the areas I mentioned above and more.

So I wanted to give encouragement to those willing to read my posts that people really do get better during and after all this mess. Keep fighting and you will become a better person then you were before. :) :)
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Postby soulvice » Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:34 am

Bagobones wrote:
I did, or feel I did. One of my biggest struggles during my first 6 months was bad brainfog, no concentration and so on. My approach quitting was to grab the bull by the horn type approach. So googling the problems and DOING the tips that was presented to me. And I did not google "quit weed, no concentration".. Just "bad concentration"...

So cognitive training was the big tip. Language learning, math, playing music with an instrument was some of the tips I found. So I did an app called Duolingo and learned Spanish! Aprendo Espanol! I also did Thai boxing and Asthanga Yoga, wich also is a lot about concentration and memory. Thai boxing is all about quick decision making under preassure and coming up with strategies fast to avoid getting punched in the face, lol.. And the yoga is meditation, concentration while doing and remembering a very hard physical routine, and keeping your concentration while you have a room full of very hot females around you. Hard concentration is needed hehehe. I have quitted Thai boxing for the moment, but Spanish I am fluent in now and yoga is a lifestyle for me, and I feel I have a very sharp brain concidering what I have put it through. Much sharper than my stoner days, and my detox/PAWS days.

My tip to you is google cognitive training. Google how to improve you concentration. And find something among the tips that is fun and cool for you to do, so its easy for you to stick with it longterm and do it every day..

I was an avid PC gamer, and I have been gaming a bit again lately. I am a much better gamer now than I ever was during my stoner days, because my brain is so much quicker and more creative now.

Meditation science has proven it strengthens your brain, in many ways. I do mindfulness...

Hey bagobones cheers for you reply. Reading a little bit of your story it's crazy and encouraging to see you smoked for as long as 21 years and got yourself out of this mess, also the fact you started in high school like me, would seem to debunk once again the theory that adolescent brains smoking weed does permanent damage. However as you are in your 40s it would seem that the weed you would've smoked in your adolescent years would be much less potent than it is now. I saw something a doco that said something like the THC content of weed these days is 25x that of what it was 20 or so years ago, and I personally wish I had researched it all a lot more before diving into a relationship with it, also you said you started your day with 3 joints which is crazy to me, there's no way I could drive or go to work like that, I could never really do anything too full on when I smoked I would only really do it at night and watch TV/play games or whatever, I think I have realised I was much more sensitive to it than a lot of people. But 21 years is still a long time for the brain to develop habitual patterns and wirings so to see you have reversed that is also very inspiring.

I play a bit of sport basketball and AFL (aussie rules football) and I do get times where I forget about my depersonalisation etc doing this but it comes back straight after and the memory/concentration thing is constant, I just have to keep moving forward and trying my best to get through each day one at a time and remember that I have recovered to a level where I could live life happy before. Thanks to others for contributing as well.
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