Dizziness and cannabis withdrawal

Postby davis » Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:56 am

Hi everyone.

I'm using this as a diary, but would appreciate any help or experience available.

I have been an addict for 20 years. After years of hash, then indica dominant bud, and most recently (last 2 years) 3 grams a day everyday of high grade haze/sativa.

I have been wanting to quit for a few months and 2 weeks ago I got bad vertigo in my sleep. This scarred me and I was too ill to smoke. Days passed and I decided to carry on quitting cold turkey. My main symptoms have been my body not able to regulate its temperature. Cold clammy feet, hot clammy hands and forehead. It got so intense I went to hospital 6 days ago. Had blood and urine test and chest x-ray. Nothing serious was found.

The head sweats have gone but the hot clammy hands and cold clammy feet remained somewhat. I have had some very light dizzy spells now and again.

After not eating much carbs for the last 2 weeks, I ordered a takeaway last night. The food heavily dehydrated me and a slight temperature increased. I woke up several times last night to dizziness and have remained dizzy for the last few hours. Unsteady on feet and a slight blockage in my left ear (the side I sleep on). Feel weird with head and body movement and shaking when yawning.

I had to close my online business last week because of weakness and have once again closed it while I feel like this. I was feeling fine the last few days apart from slight sweats in hands and feet.

I am forcing myself to eat bananas, drink cranberry juice, and take Ibuprofen to take the edge of things.

This dizziness is really stressful, but it's comforting reading other peoples testimonies experiencing the same.
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Postby samiam7413 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:41 pm

Rest assured, you are not alone. The circumstances for me are slightly different but touch on this same issue. To give you some background I, like most here, have been a heavy daily smoker for (10) years, including having to wake and bake to feel normal. Over the last year of my active addiction they began opening pot shops around my area, and that's when it took a turn for the worse. Within weeks I left herb completely and had gotten to the point where I thought only concentrates would get me where I wanted to be. I began to abandon my vaporizer altogether, spending full time on the dab rig with the ghetto blowtorch, moving from the weaker cheap shatter to the 95%+ thc distillates (which also took a toll on my finances). Over the months I began noticing negative changes that I can only attribute to me exposing my body to such ridiculous amounts of THC on a daily basis.

At first it was the tolerance. Not in my 10 years of daily herb smoking had I experienced this form of extreme tolerance, to the point where my old friends, also daily smokers, who stayed on the herb could not deal with the doses I was administering to myself. Burn outs became much more severe and longer lasting. The highs became extremely duller and much shorter, I have had times where even the first high of the day (on 3 double dabs of pure distillate) would last no longer than 15 minutes before the extreme burnout would set in for the rest of the day.

Then came the anxiety. Although I have always known herb gave me anxiety in the long-run, and I have had my fare share of panic attacks like any stoner, I have never experienced anything like this. Social anxiety of the highest order, including confusion in crowds, excessive sweating, mumbling speech, etc. Even just thinking of such events induced said symptoms. I then came to experience symptoms similar to biploar disorder, whereby those very few periods where there was little marijuana in my system for whatever reason (usually not smoking an afternoon) would manifest almost as manic episodes. These terrified me and I dealt with it by using more, and for emergencies I began carrying a cartridge of distillate everywhere with me that I could put a little under my tongue whenever the anxiety and stomach pain from appetite issues hit. Furthermore one of the worst things was probably the fact that OCD's which I had not had since I was a child suddenly came back (I'm 30 now), often paralyzing me from doing computer work.

Finally, the constant vertigo and dizziness began. At first it was rare, starting around 6 months after I was on concentrates full-time. Essentially, the panic attacks became daily occurrences and slowly started being accompanied by pre-syncope symptoms like dizziness and losing my centre of gravity for a few seconds. I started suspecting something serious and, given that I have a family member in a cardiac clinic, went for some tests that all came negative (again indicating it is related to the anxiety aspect). I knew at that point that I had to quit, because although weed had always gotten in the way of one thing or another, it was always by choice (usually of lazy). I could not quit cold turkey, so I slowly decreased my frequency and dosage for a month before I finally went to bed one night without it and never looked back. During that time the vertigo and panic attacks continued, but became increasingly more manageable as my body was getting used to the lower dosage. After that, it took another full month from the time I quit completely before the dizziness fully went away.

So to answer your question, my hypothesis is that the vertigo is an advanced form of the anxiety/panic attacks caused by pot, meaning that just like the anxiety, it does eventually go away with cessation, it just takes much longer for your brain to re-adjust.
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Postby davis » Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:14 am

Thank you for the detailed response.

I am also prone to anxiety and most likely have OCD too. I have been a hermit for 15 years now (aged 37). Only leave the house to cycle in rural areas occasionally in the summer. My online business has been stressful recently and I have been having negative obsessive thoughts about the disintegration of my friendship with two childhood friends. I would not be surprised that a combination of this and cannabis is the cause of the initial vertigo after reading your response.

Luckily the dizziness has disappeared since sunday morning, and I will be more prepared if it returns.

Once again thanks for the response. I'm enjoying my current state of mind and am looking forward to further positive adjustments.
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Postby laureat » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:02 am

It is the psychological challenge : when something “important” is taken away which causes anxiety and most of the symptoms

One has to make gradual progress: and teach the mind to live happy even without the substance

A good technique is: reducing the amount negative 25% just to challenge oneself how you feel when something is taken away?

And you keep that until you start to be comfortable with the amount you go with another negative 25% after a month or whatever

Another trick you can add on top of that is to not allow oneself use the same places : so you can teach the mind a different meaning to those places you smoked before

These are techniques im following through to quit cigarettes
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