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Postby cleanofgreen » Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:54 pm

Hey TonyTheCat,
Good on you for getting back on track and quitting again, 57 days is a good stretch. I failed so many times I lost count, my attempts were pretty pathetic lasting at most 3 - 5 days and more likely less than 24 hours. There are certain cue's to every addiction/habit, the process goes like Cue - Routine - Reward . The cue is something which triggers the smoking routine like boredom, anger, anxiety or another drug like alcohol but the cue could be anything. The routine is the rolling up or grinding or getting the pipe ready and smoking and the reward is the high or buzz you get.

The way to break a bad habit is to find out what the cue is (is it when you come home from a bad days work and are bored or angry etc), once you know the cue you keep the cue but replace the routine so instead of smoking you go to the gym and work out or go for a run or read a good book etc. The reward will then be the high you will feel after the run or maybe have a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit after reading or play a video game etc. , but give your self some reward for whatever you replaced the routine with. Your brain will only internalize the new habit/routine if there is a reward.

You'll get there, it just takes time and a lot of patience, something us stoners don't have much of :)

Good luck and stay strong.
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Postby TonyTheCat » Sun Sep 15, 2019 7:37 pm

Hi there.
Another attempt, fourth. Sober 53 days. Hope this time will be the final. Nothing severe concerning my physical or emotional state - pretty common symptoms: mild depression, low self-esteem, negative thoughts, low libido, etc. Comparing my first attempt, this one is just a light walk. A lot of good periods with a nice mood and full of energy. I think this is due to the fact that in the past relapses I smoked much less often and in much smaller doses. Thus, my recovery has been going on for more than a year with mild relapses. However, I'm aimed to one-year mark full clearness to come down to the conclusion that I'm completely free from the weed. Also, I am aware that I am not allowed to use any drugs for life. At the moment I live as healthy as possible: sport, diet, sleep routine, etc. One point I can not get rid of is sugar. But for now, I allow myself this weakness. Another good news - my wife decided to quite with me - now it's her 2nd week and her state is pretty good. I hope it's forever.
And - yes - glad to be back here, it means I'm getting better ))
Happiness all this Golden autumn!
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