i wanna go to my doctor but I'm scared within reason

Postby Pill_Head » Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:26 am

we picked up on in it a little late but i have adhd and I'm taking ritalin and I'm getting better.
I't like i'm waking up little by little. and i think there's something i must tell my doctor.
i've been on lots of medications and was thinking going back on taking some of them. but here's here's the thing:
i've never been good with my doctors not that i didn't make the effort but when i'm in there it's like i'm in there for like
30 seconds and it's done but the patient before me is in there for like 10 minutes.
and now this stupid idea popped into my head and i was thinking print some pages about my conditions from the internet and show it to him and write down what I'm supposed to say before so i won't forget what i was gonna say. but i'm sure he'll lash out at me. at first it felt like another bad thought circling through my head again and
I'm sure you think so too but it's gonna happen or it's never gonna go down how i it will think (which isn't supposed to) or how i hope so or how it's even supposed to it's true (for everybody).
i just want to walk out of my doctor's room with a sense of satisfaction, saying what i should have said. knowing what's going on.
i just don't want tocome out of there feeling great for like thirty seconds and with another prescription which i now know that won't work( but i won't know then), BECAUSE IT NEVER DID. IT"S HISTORICALLY PROVEN. and i fall for it every time.
so what do you think?
i'm gonna bore him because he thinks that i think i'm a smart-ass monologuist, who's just pretending to be at his level isn't he? what i say or show him won't mean anything to him, he'll just make his own assessment and send away.

should i go? i mean i still have my pills i'm set for like a month. :D
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Postby George7 » Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:33 am

What is it you want to tell your doctor? Could you switch doctors if you feel like your current one isn’t listening or may have a problem with you? I’m so quick in the doctors I’m literally in and out but that’s good because I know there’s nothing wrong. But you could write down a few things in your notes on your phone instead of printing pages because I have a feeling that’s going to annoy your doctor.
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Postby essexgirl68 » Thu Apr 05, 2018 2:48 pm

When i see my Dr i go with a list of good things that have happened and bad thing that have happened. she and i discuss each bit. if i am unsure she looks up the NHS website eg say about side effects of medicine. When my appointment finishes i feel i have told my dr everything i need to. i may have written down what she advises. rememer a dr is there to help you and not judge you. you also can change drs if you are not happy. good luck.
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Postby ScornedOne » Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:48 am

Possibly find a different doctor? You should NEVER feel afraid to speak to a doctor because you feel they'll lash out. That's so unprofessional and cruel. I have severe trust issues, so I can understand not wanting to switch, but if you feel unsafe, then definitely switch.
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