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Postby yayada65 » Tue Sep 22, 2020 4:04 am

Do not worry guys i will post a long message in a new post to explain how things have changed since 3 years, symptoms ect. I'm now 6 years clean. Today is better than yesterday clearly. But it's due to things you don't expect. Ii turned towards Islam. From there on my situation has improved. I'm not who i used to be but i might get to my former state soon (I will explain everything). So far the new me has made friends. I was lucky this year to be with people I can connect with. From there on it's a positive spiral. If you are lucky to be put in an environment where you can connect with most people then it doesn't matter to have a mental problem because you will definetely enjoy your moments with them like a normal person. All the stress evaporates when I am with friends or my good comrades. But i never made one friends in six years and now all of a sudden I am in a great environment where I am one of the most liked person in my Master's. How is that possible ? Allah helped me as I said, I started praying 2 years ago and repent frop my faults (including smoking) and once I started praying, I moved by accident in a place where I would be meeting people I would enjoy talking to, being able to laugh with, and with whom I actually like my own personality. I will explain everything in a nice post. Yesterday I was eating with a friend and we were talking about going to Dubai. The positive spiral thanks to God is real. Besides that other symptoms have improved, I laugh much more than before, ect. I will share my story.
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All the best, all great battles are won through fighting and working hard on them.
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