I was gang raped while hypnotized

Postby MrSolivagant » Fri Dec 22, 2017 9:25 am

Hello. I am Mr. Solivagant. I am a 40-something gay white male living in Northern California. 4 years ago, I was in a very tumultuous and abusive relationship with a sociopath. He had stole a bunch of my money and ran up my credit cards, and so we broke up, but then I got this idea, to continue contact with him so that I could record us talking about the fraud, so that I could get out from under the debt, because he also stole my identity, and when my card companies would call he would just pretend to be me, and when it all came to light, I absolutely shut down. So, Valentine's day rolls around and he calls me up, like I knew he would, and asks me if he could come over so we could talk and of course he was going to tell me truth once and for all. I didn't know if I really wanted him at my house; my roommate Gloria hated him, and I didn't want to hear her crap, so I met him down the street at the dog park. What I remember is just his dog running up to me all happy. Next thing I know I'm in bed and I could hear him in the house and then the house was silent. I was very disoriented, but got up, and decided to do laundry. When I was coming back inside from the laundry room, I saw Gloria and him walking together and thought it was odd. Her boyfriend showed up to spend the day with her and FF(that's the ex) offered to take me out for Valentine's day and because his dog was barking at Gloria's bf, we left shortly thereafter. Long story short before we came back to my house we stopped at a friend of his' house, and once we left, it's a blank. I don't remember anything after leaving his friends. The next memory I have is an acquaintance of mine asking if he could stop by and sober up. He was there for an hour, and I remember that I was recording becacuse I rembember him getting up and inspecting my laptop which was abnormal. Anyway, the next day I woke up and went to set up my webcam, and noticed that the light was covered up and painted black. Then the windows were all on top of the webcam window which was already minimized. The video is crazy because all these people are whispering in my house. I found out that my ex, and his "friends" had already drugged and hypnotized me on 3 other occassions. I took the video to police, who brushed me off and the only way I'm going to be able to let this go is if I KNOW what happened. I know I was hypnotized during a surgery I had, because they say so on the video.
My question is this: Can amnesia be reversed; especially when a trauma may also add to it?
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Postby ChristianKl » Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:52 am

Trying to reverse amnesia in a case like that has the potential to cause false memories. When it comes to dealing with the issue I would recommend you to visit a skilled psychologist.
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