4th Day No Weed - Tired & Angry

Postby jambobjam » Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:26 pm

Hey guys, made it to day 4. I have been surprised at the lack of cravings, however it's not the weekend yet so will see how Saturday goes (would usually start the day with a wake n bake).

My biggest struggle at the moment has been a feeling of exhaustion / fatigue, even though i'v been managing a decent amount of sleep I am currently sat at work trying to do some programming and just cannot seem to focus or keep my eyes open. I think this is a common withdrawal symptom, anyone know of anything to try and ease it a little?

The other thing thing is I have a really short fuse, i'v been getting angry at the smallest things. Was playing computer with my friends last night and had to come off as I was raging at them.

Ah well I guess it's just about pushing through it, I have a week off at the start of February so might take a trip somewhere just to get a bit of RnR.

Not posted on my blog for a few days, will write a post for end of week, doing daily was a bit much I think and would end up repeating myself, plus I have found this forum which serves the same purpose.

Days of weed: 4
Money Saved: £40
Avoided Joints: 14
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Postby IrishStonerGirl » Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:12 pm

I'm on day 5 now, it's the weekend though!! I never had a smoke in the morning (iv kids and feel way too paranoid) but love a glass of wine the weekend and a few smokes!!! If I had wine would I be mad to have a ciggies?

Everytime I think I want a joint I tell myself I dont want to be the 40 year old sneaking off to roll a joint! And I couldn't start the night sweats all over again!!
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