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Postby Nate » Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:30 am

So my sister started talking (she's 12) with a (13y/o) boy.
It all seemed ok until I read some messages.The kid was very annoying.He made my sister to go out with him once to a nearby kid club and she regretted it.Before that I tried to explain her that this guy is very obsessive.
So she's pretty much normal looking a bit better looking than most of her at her age.
So when I was 13 I had my what we called "sex" it happened in the school toilet.The girl got penetrated, we never talked about that after.I
I decided that I teach her about sex.I taught her about menstruation and the important stuff.She seemed a bit stoned or shocked.
I'm not into incest thing so that's out of the way.I feel very weird and awkward about this.There was no touching or anything just talking and a video.
My parents are divorcing and my dad beat my mom up pretty badly.She's fine btw.
My sister got traumatized by the beating cause she saw it.I needed to cut my dad's hand so she'll leave my mom.I'm gonna make another post on the depression section about this.
I feel "shitty". I feel like I shouldn't have taught her about sex.
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Postby federico91 » Mon Feb 05, 2018 3:43 pm

The first thing that someone needs to teach, is to learn by itself, a math teacher can not pretend to teach a math class if he does not know math ... besides that, he needs to have a psychological test to prove that he is not a psychopath, he has the aptitudes to transmit what he teaches, teaching does not imply knowing about the subject, but fundamentally implies having certain moral and spiritual qualities to transmit knowledge, having a certain pedagogy when teaching

nowadays the world is overpopulated .. I do not know if it is because of the lack of sexual education to use condoms ... or because of people's inconcience ... that they simply have sex without thinking about the consequences

talk about sexuality can be uncomfortable among children, it is necessary to be very careful, but as usual .. every person seems that when he sees someone fragile, in the name of "teaching" he thinks he can impose any thing, a person under the name of education he thinks he can subdue others by saying "I WILL TEACH YOU !!!"

My God .. the crimes that are committed in the name of teaching and education ..

Anyone can remember in his past "some teacher" who tried to teach with arrogance and arrogance and not only that, but sometimes under a feeling of superiority, sometimes a teacher thinks that he can qualify as ignorant to a person, and under that prejudice thinks he can "impose his teaching"

Well, no, I think the world has to get rid of all that kind of aggressive and violent teachers

I honestly think that the most stupid thing that can be done to teach about sexuality is to show a porn video to a child,that only shows some double intentions of wanting to have relations with the minor and become a pedolifo, abuser and potential serial rapist

to teach about sexuality .. it is enough to see a romantic movie in family, at dinner or at lunch .. and just as the children are aware ... begin to answer the questions the child can ask ..

and if you do not ask questions .. in a romantic movie there are always funny moments, romantic moments and erotic moments .. are in erotic moments where if you want to teach some sexuality .. it is possible to make a comment in style

"Look little jimmy !! That's how it's done, that's how a woman is conquered !! When you grow up, you can also be the same champion as that actor!

And if it's a girl who does not know anything about sexuality, the same thing, while watching a romantic movie with the family ... comments can be made at the table ..

when the man is trying to conquer with words the woman .. the mother, the father or the brother can say ..

"Look Lisa, many men, teenagers and children are like that, they talk a lot to try to sleep with you, for that reason be careful, it is preferable that you be strong, that you have many friends and do not let yourself sweeten the ears by any charlatan and obsessive man , maybe he just wants to kiss you, touch you, sleep with you and nothing else ... be very careful and in love move slowly, but surely, it is better to go slowly but surely, than go fast and stumble on the first stone "

Enough teaching about love and sexuality

Later when they turn on the television and see the poverty that exists in the whole world ... it is enough to tell the little boy or the little girl ..

"You see that Sofhia, you can see that John, there is poverty in the world because many people do not use condoms before having sex, but you better have them when they grow up, and they are teenagers full of sexual hormones take care of themselves, otherwise they will have They are changing diapers full of sh**, and urinating for a long time, they will have to abandon their studies and work double day to feed the little one! They are already warned! "

and order .. nothing more to say .. enough talk about sex education
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Postby Kasper » Wed May 30, 2018 10:28 am

all i had was porno. what you really need to do is tell her to save herself or whatever. its really no big deal. basically teach her not to get used and abused.
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Postby DrPsychFeels » Wed May 30, 2018 7:14 pm

If you do anything to teach your sister, take her to someone who is more qualified to teach her about such subjects.

Other than that, build a good relationship with her; be someone who she can trust, rely on, and talk to. This will be the strongest insurance policy against her being used or abused by guys.
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Postby sundaynightstress » Thu May 31, 2018 3:44 am

You should both speak to someone about the abuse by your parents. It is not something you should ignore, and you should both discuss it with a professional.

While your intentions may have been to protect your sister, you could do more harm than good. Seek out help and don't be ashamed to do it. The fact you're posting on this site is a good start to finding help.
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