Saying Thing Without Opening My Mouth - URGENT!

Postby Pasterian » Tue Jan 23, 2018 3:26 pm


Over the course of about a year now I have developed a rather unusual habit.

I unconsciously say things with my breath, now let me explain... it sounds rather off and it is, it is extremely difficult to convey over text but I will do my best, nonetheless.

I am a 20 year old male, brought up in England and has been diagnosed with GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

I have started vocalisong everything I write or read under my breath, almost as if humming with no vibration. It's difficult to hear but still audible. It has caused many issues for me as I have developed this Torretes like symptom of saying rude/socially unacceptable under my breath. For example, if I were to see an overweight individual I would often say something along the lines of "
You're fat
" or "
You need to lose weight

As much as to my embarrassment, I do not consciously think this obscenities (and trust me, there are many... which, I don't go into) but perhaps unconsciously? (One of my many theories)

I have considered perhaps they are internal 'voices' or perhaps my thoughts.

I am unable to stop, I cannot breath without saying one thing or another and it is causing problems with my family, social and romantic relationships and it makes me about pretty much all social interaction. I am constantly being told to shut up or throats are being cleared to alert me they can hear me. I am so embarresed by some of the things I say, 99% or which is false and has no standin in reality, almost delusional, however I do not consciouslythink the things I say, it's involuntary.

Every word I have written on this message I have read aloud under my breath, without opening my mouth (plus a lot more) I feel like I have lost the ability to 'think in my head'. I am severely (and I cannot stress this enough) desperate to stop.

I have had an MRI, which has come back as clear, no action. I am currently on Qetiapene (25mg morning and 100mg night) and Venlafaxine (75mg morning) to 'Stabilise mood and 'help with depression'.

I have thought perhaps, maybe I'm schizophrenic, however I do not hallucenate and have all my mental faculties and do not lack insite.

I have actually taken a sabbatical from university as this issue has caused many problems, socially and academically, it, or rather I interrupt/distract others learning and my own concentration.

I am currently undergoing CBT , which is not helping as of current however, it's early days. It has been mentioned I may be on the Bipolar scale, however further testing is needed.

Please reply with any feedback you may have as I am desperate to try to pin down as to what this may be, so I can get rid if it.

Please suggest any exercises or material I can use to try and stop, I need to stop! @$##

Thank you.
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Postby moondaddy1 » Wed Jan 24, 2018 2:47 pm

Hi, don't know much about CBT (in practice anyway) but any competent therapist should be able to talk this through with you and help you gain an overview or bird's eye view of your own thinking processes as they happen and thus help you get to the bottom of whatever is causing it and ultimately resolve it.
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Postby mute » Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:24 am

i do that too lol
but im aware that its audible so i try to say it in my head and just breathe out making like half a sound so its not clear to people what i said..

i do it because sometimes i cant say what i want. not because of fear but because i was taught to be polite
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