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Hours ago I learned our 21 year old daughter is pregnant. This should be a joyous occasion but it's not. Our daughter is hard to peg with any one type of disorder but the best I can explain, she mimics people, other people but not us, her parents. This has gone on since she was little, from kids in the playground into high school where the guidance counselor said something to her and she repeated it back to me word for word. I knew they were not her words.

She makes up stories. Sometimes Id be talking to her then shed just start talking about something else like I wasn't even talking.

She has been treated for depression, she has anxiety attacks, she is near 6ft tall and roughly 100lbs she looks anorexic and her and her boyfriend are pot users! Although, after announcing to us that she is pregnant, she also told us that she quit the pot cold turkey and I did witness her eating three times yesterday (a few hours ago) which I thought was one positive thing, since it was nothing for her to go a day without food and sometimes in two days she'd eat something small like a muffin and a coffee. so to see witness her eating three meals, in several hours, was one good thing.

It was so important for her to be with a boy, that she snuck one into the house after we were asleep. At 0600, I was up working on my computer when I heard this loud thud! It was a boy jumping out of her 2nd story window. I yelled at him but he kept walking, would not look back.

So now she's living in an apartment with this other boy. Neither are working, both on welfare. She had an IUD which we paid for but she complained of cramps and that her breasts were tender. So her and her mother went to the Dr to get it removed. They opted for "the patch" as a method of birth control but as we found out, she is about 5 weeks along, which corresponds with the removal of the IUD.

Our daughter was happy to announce that when the child is born, the boys education allowance will double, giving them more money.

Now, we know that our daughter would not have been aware of this. She was not even aware of any government assistance programs at all. So we conclude that that boy, coached her into having the IUD removed, to knock her up so that they could get a bonus from the government.

They BOTH noted how much their education assistance would increase when the child is born.

Our daughter had always maintained when she was at home, that she never wanted children. She now refers to the child as "it" or "the kid"

I WANT to say to both of them, "oh, so when the child is born, whats your plan? to have ANOTHER child so you can get even MORE assistance!?


The most heartbreaking thing is that she actually admitted she was happy having started this college course, its a one year course, but she will not be able to finish it because she will be a mother in 9 months.

Her college is ripped from her, her future is ripped from her and if we say anything derogatory, the boy will COACH her to alienate from us.

OH BTW, this is the boys SECOND child! He has a 3 year old from another girl!

We are devastated. I drove them to thier apartment (they do not drive, do not own a car) What could I say? I congratulated them.

When I got home, my wife and I cried and cried. We also have a 16 year old son. He also cried and cried.

It's now 0230hrs and I couldn't sleep. I had to get up and write this, hoping for some other views on it.

thank you in advance.
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Here's another thing; they live in this apartment, with a roomer to help pay the rent. They have not one but 4 lizards, one boa constrictor snake, 4 cats and one is pregnant! They can't even afford to feed the pets let alone look after a baby! Worst, they looked at the lizards as possible INCOME! They planned to breed them and sell them! I now fear that the boy looks at our daughter as yet another possible income, like the lizard breeding.
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