Questions about Schizoid Personality Disorder

Postby Aguywhohasaname » Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:14 pm

I'm conducting some research on this mental condition and would like to have a better understanding of how people who suffer from this think.

From my current understanding (please correct me if I say anything wrong), people with Schizoid Personality Disorder are those who perfer to be alone and have no interest in participating in social interactions nor activities of any kind. They don't necessarily lack the ability to form bonds, they just don't want to and deem them unnecessary, correct?

So I'd like to know if someone with this condition cares for human life. They don't care about anything but does that mean that death won't faze them at all? Per say, someone with this condition sees a kid crossing the street improperly and is about to run over, if there was a way to save the kid without anybody getting hurt, would the person take the chance or just let the kid get hit by the car and move on? Are people with SPD apathetic to that point? Even though they don't intend to form a bond with people would they just let people die even though there was a way to save them? I'm not calling these people evil in any way, I'd just like to know more about them.

And another thing, would be possible for someone with this condition to be continuously on the search for something that interests them? Since they lose interest in things, pretty fast.

Please, give me insight and any other things for people with this condition--it's for research
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Postby wimmpie » Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:08 pm

I'm wondering... The fact that they aren't interested in forming social bonds doesn't mean that they don't understand that all life is valuable, right?

They're just not sociable, if I understand you correctly. But that wouldn't mean they will never do something nice for someone as people (in general) have always been thought that being nice is to way to go.
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Postby Aguywhohasaname » Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:07 pm

I appreciate the quick reply!

But yeah, I'm wondering that as well, but after reading your comment I think that might be the case: they're just don't care to form bonds but that doesn't mean they have no care for human life.

Anything else, someone can offer insight on SPD?
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