My Weed Break-up Diary....the why and how


Postby TonyTheCat » Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:13 pm

Hey Alex, how it's going on man?
Glad to be here again. Just dropped in for a moment to share my joy with you and everyone who will read this.

I'm much better! Not 100% well for sure but at least I've got out of the hell ))
Guys who are suffering now - believe it will become better! I'm just another example of it.
Another important point - positive thinking. I've learned this and it's really game changer. You MUST filter your thoughts and choose the only useful for your personality like you do with the food you eat.I know, sometimes it's hard especially if you feel bad but keep trying. You'll get the habit and it will help a lot.

May the God help us all along this difficult path.

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Postby Freedomhfx » Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:49 pm

i loveto read good things like this! Thank you for the upbeat and positive message.
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Postby asgoodasitgets » Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:19 pm

@ Tony - so glad to hear that you are doing well. I know too well, it's a daily battle. :) Never let your guard down and expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to an addiction. I am super proud of you my friend.

81 days clean today - An obligatory 4/20 Post:

I'm not sure if 4/20 is as prevalent worldwide as it has become in the USA. I know from another addiction group I participate in that 4/20 is seen as a huge struggle for those in sobriety. I hope those you of you out there struggling are able to persevere and execute your personal goals and hopes, no matter what the world or calendar is doing.

Today isn't a struggle for me. It's just another day. Just like Valentines Day and all of the other "holidays," 4/20 is a social construct. It's something we invented, not anything actually tangible or measurable. That said, it has become a symbol for the counter-culture lifestyle and now is actually more mainstream than ever. For me as an addict, I already lived 4/20...way too many times.

If you are struggling today, remember, nothing is worth throwing away your progress over. Not friends, a party, and especially not a momentary feeling or state of mind that you are surely to regret. The day will come and go, the smoke will dissipate, the parties will come to a halt. But will still exist tomorrow....and the next day and so on. For me, nothing is worth abandoning my personal goals or desires to live outside the cloud...just not worth it.

If you do relapse, don't let it turn into binge. Pull yourself up on the wagon as quickly as possible. A few moments can easily turn into days, months, years... Don't feel ashamed, falling teaches you how to pick yourself up. I believe in you. I say this because I am a weed degenerate who has (and still is) turning his life around. Blessings to all of you. Keep up the good work! :) -Alex
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Postby EdiBee » Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:13 am

Congrats Alex for your 80+ days. I'm at almost 5 months here, still fighting the good fight. I am feeling
good almost all of the time, but still have a lot of anxiety. My sleep is slowly getting better, though. I still
alcohol sober too. But it's a fragile thing, we must keep strong! Cheers man, Ed.
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Postby reckoning » Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:37 am

Congratulations on 81 days. That is awesome.

I had to go and research what all this talk about 4/20 was and I was amazed to find out many things. Seems like it is now turning into a commercial event! Used to be counterculture type of situation???

Well maybe there is a case for making an alternative to the 4/20 these days . Let's declare 4/21 as a day for everyone to get out there and publicly celebrate the fact that they no longer smoke. Yeah a holiday to celebrate that is so worthy! A day for 4/21 gatherings around countries! Anyway I learnt something new today with all your talk about 4/20. No idea about such things in my part of the world. No we still criminalise it here.

4/21 can be a day to celebrate your progress . Yep and mine is kicking along well thanks to all you guys here. Let's dedicate 4/21 to day to celebrate the reset button you pressed on the day you gave MJ the flick.

Happy 4/21 everyone who is on this path.

cheers Liz
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