Child sexual experimentation

Postby Anonymous02 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 12:18 pm

what is child sexual experimentation? And is it normal?


Postby federico91 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:22 pm

It is a delicate and complex issue.. I do not know if it is normal, but it is part of life ... all psychoanalysis ... or a large part of psychoanalysis consists in the analysis of child sexuality and how those experiences influence some pathologies of people, often the first experiences Sexual leave many marks in the psyche of the person who later when they are great moldena his character, his personality

It is a bit disturbing, but Freud, for example, states that the first eroticization that a child has arises when he is born .. when drinking milk from the breast from his mother ..

the oedipal and electra .. complex are also concepts raised by Freud .. raises the unconscious (sometimes conscious) sexual attraction between a son and his mother, or between a daughter and her father

children learn by imitation, and since boys are very curious in all aspects of life, including sexuality, as they grow and become great, they ask themselves questions like "where we came from and among themselves they know where they come from , they know that their father and mother had sex and that is why they are here

Many times children have incestuous relationships, among their siblings, they experiment, they play, maybe without a real attraction ... but since children are to imitate everything that adults do ... they play at being adults ..

I think that when sexuality wakes up in children as a product of games ... and among children of the same age ... they can have better control of their lives .. otherwise .. if a child .. is harassed for an adult .. that really conditions your life, your psychology and can surely affect you when that child grows ..

sex is a very powerful energy, it is like the strongest drug that exists .. because sexuality always awakens different brain hormones .. activates different circuits of pleasure in the brain ... therefore ..

first of all I think that all children would have to teach these subjects at school, in schools ... parents would also have to talk about these issues without any kind of modesty, but with great respect ... that every child ... can initiate himself into sexuality by his own will ... not as something imposed by an adult, not as something implied by some adult

every child should know that it is not necessary to have sex to feel pleasure .. every child should know that it is not necessary to be manipulated to feel pleasure .. every child should know that he can touch himself, masturbate to feel pleasure .. and have a control over their own pleasure, over their own body ... and also every child should have the right to know that sexuality is an agreement between two parties, and not something imposed,

Every child should also know that the most important thing is love ... not only sex ... anyway ... every person when it grows and grows big ..

falls into that trap of hormones to confuse sex with love .. when a person .. is possessed by the spell of sex hormones .. idealizes the person who awakens their hormones .. the person .. tries for all means having that person .. the person feels addicted to those feelings .. and can not understand that it is something chemical, hormonal, sexual and not something rational.

love is something more serene .. sex can be very strong, wild, intense .. but love is something else ... something more tender, more childish, innocent..

this goes beyond children ... for adults too .. we all have to understand that sex is not everything in life. .and it is not enough to maintain a relationship .. the most important thing in any relationship is respect, communication, mutual companionship, the most important thing in any relationship of a couple .. mutual restraint, sex is also important, but sex alone is not enough ..

Many people currently unable to deepen a relationship, go out to dance on weekends, get embrorachan, and predispose to have sex with anyone without knowing it in depth ..

I do not know if those people are happy .. some maybe, but nothing can be compared to knowing a real person .. know the soul of a person .. know their weaknesses, their shortcomings, their virtues .. and even so .. keep being friends .. share moments .. regardless of whether there is a sexual attraction ..
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