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Postby User091218 » Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:05 pm

Hello everyone, im 17 years old and I think I have paranoia. 2 moths ago 20 minutes before new year I tried mariuana for the first time, after 10 minutes I got crazy, I couldn’t control my arms and my legs. I had a trip where I need to move every 2 seconds. It was very bad experience and I had a big panic attack that day. 15 days after I still had some type of feelings and fears that I will be crazy and without control again, and my palms would get sweaty. After 1 month I was back to normal. But last night after being on computer i was going to sleep, but couldn’t I had a idea in my mind and fears like, is this real, am I real and my thoughts, what will happen if my mind dissapears, is my reallity and my fammily real, and my palms get sweaty my heart beat rises. I was awake 4 hours trying to get off these thoughs of my head, and I finally after some time I was sleeping. Can someone tell me pleas what is happening. Thanks.
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:51 pm

Cofyka wrote: 2 moths ago 20 minutes before new year I tried mariuana for the first time...Can someone tell me pleas what is happening. Thanks.

Yes. You are overreacting to a non-issue.

If you had tried your very first glass of wine before new year and felt odd, weird, tipsy or drunk, would it continue to bother you a month later? No? Why not?

Probably you will say, because you are certain that alcohol doesn't have such impacts on the body. You are is ridiculous to think drinking a glass of wine could result in panic and anxiety a month later. But...marijuana???? is entirely different, right? It is a drug that can make you go craaaaaazzzzzzy! Right?

No. That is a belief you have based on ignorance of the actual impacts of marijuana. Because you believe marijuana can have such strong effects, you psychologically have self-induced behaviors and reactions that are way out of line with the actual impacts smoking marijuana can have.

This has been researched, where people thinking they were taking drugs or drinking alcohol, start acting how they think those substances should influence their behavior. Without any drugs in their system, their preexisting beliefs of the power of these substances influences how they start behaving.

It is your beliefs, misguided beliefs that are inaccurate, about the potential power of marijuana that has you overreacting. Marijuana is like having a glass of wine, but given your preexisting beliefs about how marijuana is suppose to impact you, 10 minutes later you couldn't control your arms and legs. This is bull...physiologically speaking. Marijuana doesn't have that effect. But, the mind is powerful, and can result in physiological issues based on your inaccurate beliefs about the power of marijuana.
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