I don't know how to deal with my life any longer.

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Hey there...
I usually don't bother other people with my problems but I kinda just needed to write them down..I'm a women (22 years old) and I live in Switzerland. I love the series "13 reasons why" and can't stop watching it. I'm so into that show that I sort of feel like I AM Hannah Baker. Our lives and situations are quite similar, except for the facts that I don't have any friends, that I'm not as beautiful as her, and that I never spoke to a counselor. I'm completely alone and even though the relationship to my parents isn't bad (but it isn't good either) I can't talk to them. I tried it some times but they aren't very good listeners. My mother used to say "If someone wants to end his life, then he should do it." I really wanted to reach out and ask for help, but when I did that, I always got disappointed. Right before my friends let me down, they told me that i might suffer from Depression or/and PTSD. I didn't believe them back then.
To get to the point: my life sucks and I can't do anything about it. Now you might think "get help. Go and see a doctor or a psychologist." But I can't do that by myself. And by the way I don't have enough money left (in Switzerland we have to pay at least 10% for therapy by ourselves). I don't see a way out of this deep black hole anymore..and I don't know what I'm expecting by writing this down...which answers I expect, because I know that nobody can help me to get through it. But thanks for reading it anyway...
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Hello friend of Switzerland, I saw some pictures on the internet of that city and they really are beautiful, it is a true earthly paradise

Life is very valuable, whatever the circumstances, at this very moment there are people clinging to their lives, looking for something to eat, something to drink, Sometimes it's hard for us to be grateful for everything we have and everything that surrounds us on a day-to-day basis, some people can enjoy a beautiful morning, with sun, with clouds, with trees, flowers, birds that sing, the landscape of the mountains, there are many blessings, that for example a person who lives in the South Pole does not have it

Many people have a bed, the refrigerator full, television, cell phones, computer, many amenities, and similarly, in this very moment there are in Afria and in many parts of the world, people who live surviving day to day, with many difficulties , there are still tribes, in many parts of the world that do not have technology, they live on hunting, fishing, organic farming, they do not have hospitals, they do not have shopping centers, they can go to the cinema, or to the theater, or have access to education, or can buy books, or listen to music, and those possibilities if they are available to many people and can be a source of much happiness and well-being

Beauty is a subject that sometimes complexes many people, both men and women ..

The most important thing that needs to be taken into account is that beauty is also part of the soul of the person, of the personality, of the metaphysical, beauty is not only the product of a part of the body, but the beauty is a product of the totality ... the whole is more than the sum of its parts ..

Each person is like a forest .. if a person sees the whole forest, the totality of his being, he can realize that if there is a lot of beauty and a lot of wealth, but sometimes if we start to see and analyze tree by tree, we can think that some trees do not like us, but that does not mean that the whole forest is ugly, it is also possible to do many things to improve the state of the forest and each tree

First of all, improving nutrition, doing sports, physical activity, any person can be more attractive, then, using clean, neat clothes, are points that the person adds to become more attractive, then if the person has an open mind, of conversation, if you have projects, objectives, dreams and strive to achieve them, whether they are small or large, that also adds points, and makes a person more beautiful and attractive

Everyone who loves herself is beautiful, that's the first, it is useless to have in mind a mantra that says "I'm ugly, and nobody wants me"

Looking for beauty is sometimes a waste of time, it is best to seek welfare, happiness, and for that it takes effort, time and dedication, invest time and energy to improve day by day, and you can experience greater happiness by investing time and energy in the welfare of people who need help
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