Head Euphoria? Long road ahead (cannabis)

Postby Jklevel2 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:29 am

I just found this forum, and am astounded by the posts here. It has all made a little more sense of what I've been going through, and yet -- admittedly -- was a little hard to believe at first, as it goes against everything I thought to be true about cannabis for so long. It seems the old adage is true ... anything in moderation ... and I sure as hell did not use cannabis in moderation. I may be in for a long, bumpy, ride.

I want to keep this brief as can be, and get to the question(s) I came here to ask. But first, a little background. I've smoked for 10 years, with 8 of those years being daily. The last, and only, time I quit was after a series of panic attacks, and E.R. visits. I quit for six months then, and started smoking again after getting over my anxiety issues via medication, therapy, meditation, yoga, and exercise, as I thought the anxiety attacks, dizziness, pain, and such were all from genetic, inherited, anxiety traits ... not from the cannabis (or cannabis mixed w/ genetics). Fast forward a few years (to 1.5 years ago), and a close family member is diagnosed with a terminal illness. I, legally, had been growing medical cannabis for that family member for much of the past 1.5 years (have now stopped), and they've benefited from it tremendously. But, unfortunately, I've abused it recreationally during that same time, to cope with and escape from all that's going on, and dug myself into a hole. Having an unlimited supply of the stuff, at a time of high stress, and grief, seems to have been an awful mix.

So, I had another panic attack four weeks ago, and decided I'd stop smoking for a while, get back to meditation, and all would be well. I have many ambitions, and none involve being stoned. But I had no idea that the cessation of my habit would actually send me into a spiral of panic attacks, severe generalized anxiety, feelings of impending doom, and depression. Yet, here I am. It happened, like many of the posts I've read. So I've started working out, eating healthy, meditating daily, doing yoga here and there, and have a few lorazepam left to get me through the worst of the panic episodes. But I'm also dealing with physical symptoms, even as the anxiety has started to ease, that have lead me here to ask the following questions:

1. Have any of you experienced what can only be described as an overwhelming euphoric sensation in the head, usually around either temple? It's somewhat of a tingling. Perhaps I could describe it as a brain orgasm. unnerving, but mildly pleasing in the same way that a sneeze might be pleasing? I attributed it to anxiety at first, then feared a medical issue ... now I'm wondering if it's related to cannabis withdrawal. At this time I can't afford to go have a bunch of tests run to rule out medical issues, at least not so soon, given my known anxiety disorders. Hearing that others had similar experiences would be greatly relieving.

2. How about head pains? Random pains, not so-much headaches. Sometimes pressure, but other times it's just a terrifying head pain, somewhat sharp (comparative to a headache) in nature, that comes on relatively quick.

3. Is there any collection of links to posts of people who have suffered brutal withdrawals, and come out of it alright? I'd like to study up on their experiences, so as to avoid asking too many questions here, and without having to click through hundreds of other posts.

Thanks much to anybody who takes the time to respond. It's greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned ill family member will undoubtedly pass away in the next 2-5 years, and I must be strong of mind when that day comes, so as to be able to support those around me, and to carry myself. So any advice is welcomed. I'll do what it takes to dig myself out of this hole.

If only I had learned the first time. :shock:
(ps: I said I wanted to keep this brief :lol: )
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Postby jmh335 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 4:10 am

To keep it quick, because it’s late. The head pain/aches are normal. My last long quit they started about 1 month in and lasted for 2 months. Pretty severe, every single day. Eventually just went away. Keep up the exercise. Keep eating plenty. You’re in for the same ride as all of us. Stay with it!
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Postby Jklevel2 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:09 am

Much appreciated JMH, and I don't even know that "euphoria" was the best word for the first question. It's just a strange feeling, maybe associated with some pressure, that tends to come on around my right temple. For now, given that head pain is a possibility, I'm going to assume this other feeling is related to cessation of my weed habit + anxiety.

Thanks again
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