For anyone suffering from depression/anxiety

Postby Coldturkey2018 » Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:06 pm

I myself have been suffering from mild depression and anxiety for a bit now due to my detox from marijuana of course, I have 2 other friends that went through this exact same process as me and it’s been very helpful having them around to explain to me things will only proceed to get better as time goes by, now the reason I’m posting on this board is because I would like to share with everyone who doesn’t know of **Binaural beats** I’ve been listening to binaural beats normally when I’m in places that potentially make me the most stressed out and they have been helping me very much keep a clear mind and enjoy some happy thoughts through out my day, these little sound waves are almost life altering if you haven’t experienced the affects of them, they have given me a whole new perspective on my life I almost feel ever since I’ve used binaural beats. So I really do encourage anyone suffering from these dark strsssful thoughts to take a listen to binaural beats when ever you can al you need is a set of earphones and your set really, then you just sit back and enjoy these magnificent sound waves.
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