failing at quit smoking weed

Postby fordempson1995 » Sun Mar 11, 2018 1:39 am

Hi everyone who might read this im 22 years old ive been smoking weed since i was 13 im a heavy heavy weed smoker i smoke every day and use way to much of it but i dont get any plesure or happines when im sober getting high is the only thing that keeps me happy but i have little motivation to do anything or to work it makes me lazy but everytime i quit smoking it it makes me go insane mood swings and i dont have any hobbies so i sit there unhappy and bored my only hobbies are smoking weed and getting baked the longest ive succsesfully quit for is a month the only thing that went better for me is my speach i wernt mumbling or sluring my words but i was bored nothing to talk about i just didnt know what to do which brought me back to square one smoking all the time again when will it stop i just want ti have a job and save and move out and grow up but i always walk out of my jobs as there to hard and i have depresion and bad anxiety which sucks when im at work really makes things 10x worse for me so smoking weed uaslly makes me feel better i just want to be happy :( ive atempted quiting smoking weed many times and all times failed i want to turn my life around i havent really got much friends anymore either my friends i do have all smoke and stuff how do i advance from the position im in i love to get stoned i love being happy i love having a laugh i love messing about but i dont feel happynes or any emotion when i quit smoking after the adiction subsides after quiting for a while i am bored and numb i just want some one to talk to or help me please :( sorry my spelling is not the best i was to busy getting high in school
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Postby tokeless » Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:10 pm

You've identified the hurdles yourself. You have no hobbies or activities other than smoke weed. You also seem to believe you enjoy it but clearly you don't other than numbing yourself from reality.
Try making changes now such as enrol on a course or join a group that does things in preparation for stopping. Then set a day, break contact with smokers and get rid of all your paraphernalia. Accept you will feel different and get support. There's plenty on here who will help you. You just need to make the right choices because that's all you're doing.. Choosing to smoke, believing you can't stop and that changing nothing else other than your only activity is enough... It isn't.
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