I have hairy legs, chest, stomach, back and i'm just 18.

Postby neil.verma » Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:36 pm

Hi, i'am 18 and have hairy legs, arms, chest, stomach, back, shoulders everywhere. Even on my fingers i have 1cm long hair. Even my pubic hair grow to 2-3 inches everywhere (even half way up my shaft, sorry if its gross btw). I had a full grown moustache when i was 14. Even my donkey is totally hairy, every part of it. My butt crack is very hairy. I can't find one person on the net even who is as hairy as i am and i am 18. It's breaking me from inside, my confidence. I keep turning girls down and am too afraid to ask anyone out because when they will see me they will leave and it won't be there fault. My hair grows so fast that i can't keep trimming or anything. I can't concentrate on anything but this. Please help. (I can't find help anywhere else, please help me)
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Thu Mar 15, 2018 6:06 pm

neil.verma wrote: My hair grows so fast that i can't keep trimming or anything. I can't concentrate on anything but this. Please help. (I can't find help anywhere else, please help me)

Your feelings are completely and totally understandable and normal, yet completely and totally superficial, easy to deal with, and entirely cosmetic.

There is absolutely 100% nothing different between your issue and some girl that can't thing about anything else and is stressed out because she has small tits and believes nobody will ever like her or be able to love her, etc. etc. It is entirely in her head and cosmetic and there are any number of ways to address it including bras, implants, or my favorite...getting her to raise her self confidence. There are no other miracle cures. There are no pills for her to take, words of soothing wisdom, or anything she hasn't been told before.

Your situation is no different. Shave it, wax it, save up for laser treatments, or build up your self-confidence. That's it. You have NO other options. There are no pills or magic soothing words I or anyone else can provide you.

The best mindset to have as you move towards a more mature you is one of being realistic, open about whatever issues, and self-deprecating. We all have cosmetic issues we would like to improve. At least your cosmetic issue can be addressed for the cost of a good razor. Many people don't have your good fortune.

Of course the mental hangup you have is not so easily addressed, but this goes back to building up your self-confidence over time.
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Postby quietvoice » Sat Mar 17, 2018 12:10 am

neil.verma wrote: I keep turning girls down and am too afraid to ask anyone out because . . .

Women Find Hairy Dudes Sexier Than Everyone Else, Science Says
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Postby Transformer » Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:15 pm

Mate don't worry about it! It happened to me to but over time it actually gradually receded. In fact all my mates are hairy. All of my girlfriends have said that a little hair is better than a smooth body, think about it, your a dude, not a Victoria's Secret supermodel!

You should give a waxing a shot, its true that if you wax it a couple of times the hair gets less likely to return, its dont make it fuller or hairier thats bull dust, and waxing isn't really all that painful either.

Also a bit of man trimming will go a long way, get yourself a decent beard and body trimmer.

I say embrace it buddy, own it. I got a mate who has never shaved before because he doesn't really grow facial hair and we give him stick about it all the time! What until you're older and want to grow a serious beard! You'll dominate!
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Postby laureat » Wed Mar 21, 2018 2:10 am

what do you mean they grow fast?

hair grow fast but we have to care for ourselves there is nothing to hate about it

i love trimming machines, I love razors, barber kind of razor it is just cool stuff to play

think of all that as time to relax, time to enjoy oneself, time to play, after all we never show affection to ourselves, let this be
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Postby ScornedOne » Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:03 am

My boyfriend is like this and has been since like 7th grade. I find hairly men hot, so there's girls out there that do. It's more manly. There's always waxing and laser treatment if you wanted to do that. Waxing really isn't that bad... Well it might be in the pubic area for guys... I'm not real sure.
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