relapsing on weed after 2 months


Postby reckoning » Sun Mar 25, 2018 7:39 am

Hey wolfson1311,

22 that's fantastic. Five attempts so far that's fantastic too. You must really see something about the weed that doesn't work for you. Keep going. That of course will be challenging given that your mates/peers might use it too when they work hard and 'deserve' to smoke.

As many of us long time users know , weed actually won't help you work out stuff in the long run, rather it's like agreeing to live your life with a blind fold on. Funny that hey, because when one smokes we think we can see things more clearly but that's the trickery of it.

You are young and you can work hard. I guess if you are working hard for your own good reasons then you will get what you deserve from that hard work eventually. But often , we want our rewards to come quicker than they ever do. We want to be rewarded right in the here and now and then it's not many steps from always wanting life to be like that. This makes it hard to tolerate life when the going gets tough. It sounds like you are already working out that life is not so easy. But maybe you are working hard for reasons that you do not entirely support and that's why the weed calls you.

Keep reading the posts here and keep posting it will help. I really do think it is great that you have already given it a number attempts to give up. Keep going , you can succeed and the rewards are wonderful.
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