Workplace Anger...CBT?


Postby Leo Volont » Mon Mar 19, 2018 7:34 am

johnsmith100 wrote:Thank you Bolting you have given me some very wise advice also I feel.
So feeling like workplaces where people are battling the inside with anger sand frustrations is pretty much the norm i take it. Feeling worn out at the end of the day is part of the course I assume too. My job itself of teaching is relative easy...and dealing with kiddos prettystraightforwardtoo..Its dealing with other staff and supervisors which make it hard.

Hi John,

Oh! No! You are scaring me! You see, I had retired after I got downsized from Technical Contracting Work. I hated it so much that I decided to study for a second career in Mathematics -- that I would Teach Math. Well, it seems I better take your story as a Warning. I have social security and a modest pension and so I would not be desperate for a Job. I think if I get as far as being asked to come in for an Interview, that I will ask to be able to be able to speak to members of the Staff -- the other teachers and the people with whom I would be dealing, and watch for signs that they are uncomfortable with lying about how great it is to work at their School. From what I have seen, the Human Resources Department and the Bosses keep tight control over the Interview Process -- they want to know everything about You but they don't want to give you any detailed look inside of Them. Oh, but this is the Social Media Age. I could just Google it and ask around about the School and whether its Work Environment is worse than most.

You know, one reason I am so bitter about the Work Force, was that I had a wonderful experience in the Army. When they found that I had gone to college, they whisked me up out of the Gun Toting Ranks and made me a Division Level Clerk. Surprisingly, Army Leadership is Great. When I got stationed at another Base, well, Leadership there was great too. So Leadership does not necessarily have to suck. It seems that in the Civilian World, everything is corrupted by the Corporate Culture -- the Master Slave Mentality. You would think that the Army would have been authoritarian but it was actually kind of like a Egalitarian Teamwork where you just had to remember to address the officers as Sir (In a Combat Headquarters they want such a Free Flow of Information that Anybody can Shout Out something that they think is Important -- a Colonel will shut up if a Private begins to speak). But I may have been lucky -- being in a Headquarters Staff is to be with a Handpicked Team. Out in the regular Units, one would have to deal with the Ordinary Unrefined Masses -- all the people who were not handpicked for HQ Duty. But, yes, I was spoiled by years of actually liking what I was doing, and the liking the people I worked with and for.
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Postby Prycejosh1987 » Sat Dec 12, 2020 4:58 pm

If you love your boss and do what they say, you will get more hours when you want it time off when you want it, and even pay rises. love your boss and do as they tell you.
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